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Sony Has Invented A Wearable Air-Conditioner – Available In Japan In 2020

Look out your window.

Is it hot? Does the thought of having to walk that short distance to buy lunch feel like you’re about to hike up a hill?

Then I’m sure you’ll share my excitement about the prospect of owning a wearable air conditioner because honestly, who has the time (and hands) to carry a portable electric fan anymore?

Credit – China Morning Post

Sony’s Reon Pocket is a wearable ‘air conditioner’ that fits into a small slot in a special inner t-shirt.

The small device is lighter than your phone and uses the Peltier Effect to lower or increase the temperature.

Credit – China Morning Post

Although it won’t significantly cool you down like walking into a fully air-conditioned room does, it’s supposed to leave you feeling slightly more comfortable on days when humidity is about to eat you alive.

Credit – China Morning Post

It’s no surprise that this air-conditioner is controlled by an app on your phone. That’s just how life works these days.

Manually increase or decrease the temperature using the phone app and charge the device using a USB-C cable. Sony hopes to switch from manual control to automatic detection in the future.

A charge will allow the device 24-hours of Bluetooth connection. However, the battery life of the Reon Pocket is only two hours long. I guess that’s enough for a lunch break and back, right?

Currently, the Reon Pocket has already been fully crowd-funded and the expected shipping period is in March 2020. However, it will only be available throughout Japan upon launch. I’m sure it’ll make it to Singapore not long after though!

Price: JPY 12,760 (approximately S$161)

Sony’s Reon Pocket: More Info

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