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Korea’s No.1 Lifestyle Home Appliance Brand CUCKOO Launches In Singapore

I’ve always been a fan of the sleek and minimal. Minimalist homes that are clean and clutter-free make my eyes (and myself) a very happy individual.

Credit – CUCKOO Singapore

But why stop at furniture and decorations? Turn your home from a disorderly nightmare into an aesthetic haven with home appliances from CUCKOO, Korea’s number one lifestyle home appliance brand.

CUCKOO (CUC stands for the word ‘cook’ and Koo representing the founder Mr Koo Jia Shin), was originally established as Sungkwang Electronics in South Korea. The brand has been known in the region as the best rice cooker seller for 17 years.

Due to an overwhelming demand by Koreans residing in Singapore, CUCKOO branched out to Southeast Asia, with its main hub in Malaysia.

The CUCKOO line consists of water purifiers, air purifiers and pressure multi-cookers that aim to improve the customer’s standard of living to ensure a better quality of life.

A Healthier Way Of Life

With a wide assortment of streamlined water purifiers to choose from, you’ll have safe drinking water at your convenience all the time.

(Left) Prince Top Water Purifier; (Right) Icon Water Purifier

Go for the chic tankless Prince Top Rose-Gold Purifier to beautify your kitchen counters and impress guests with its voice navigation function. Need better morning coffees in the office? Bug your boss for the Deluxe Purifier.

Each purifier has up to a six-step filtration system that removes heavy metals and retains the minerals. In addition, the detachable water trays and stainless steel tanks make them easy to clean.

Save Space With Everything All In One Place

“Oh look, another appliance catered to healthier cooking, NEED!” Yes, we do need healthier cooking options, but we don’t need 10 different appliances in our kitchen to cater to that need.

The HN10 Multi-Purpose Cooker has 14 different cooking modes.

You no longer have to lug out a giant pressure cooker to cook your spare ribs or spend money on a separate oven for a cake – the HN10 does both in addition to steaming, frying and other conventional methods of cooking thanks to the use of smart algorithms that adjust the power and pressure of cooking.

HN10 Rice Cooker In Black And Red

Not only that, with CUCKOO’s signature SK-FLON coating, food is no longer contaminated by harmful substances like aluminium. The coating even prevents the rice from getting stuck to the pot – no more soaking rice pots for long hours before washing!

Reasonable Price To Pay For A Healthier Lifestyle

Funnily enough, with less nifty bits and buttons on appliances, the product usually burns a much larger hole in our pocket.

With CUCKOO’s True Rental Plan, it’s truly affordable. You’ll only have to pay approximately S$2.83 a day for one of the company’s products. All you have to do is sign up for the plan, pay a one-off registration fee and a month’s rental fee of S$85.

The plan provides you with free installation, warranty, servicing and filter replacements every four months! It’s like a constant butler service for your water purifiers.

No more worrying about having to look for replacement parts in case anything breaks down.

CUCKOO aims to open 10 brand stores within a 100-day time frame, dubbing it the “CUCKOO 100”. Currently, the company has already opened four stores (Westgate, Bedok Mall, Tampines Mall and Tiong Bahru Plaza) across Singapore, with the NEX Serangoon outlet expected to open in August 2019.

Now we’ve got a good enough reason for investing in quality appliances. Plus, if you opt for a healthier way of living, you’ll definitely have a pretty rice life!

CUCKOO Singapore Office Showroom: 50 Macpherson Road, #04-01, Singapore 348471 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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