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Humans Are Not The Only Ones Social Distancing During COVID-19

Hello from day 1 of working from home. Now with all of us being socially responsible by practising social distancing measures, it begs the question: What other things are done to prevent the spread of this novel coronavirus?

Jure Tovrljan, a graphic and motion designer from Slovenia, answered that question in jest by designing some quirky parodical logos of companies and brands that we’re all familiar with.

Here are some of my favourites from his list of 12 designs:

Mastercard—the multi financial services corporation typically has their two circles overlapped, but just in case the red circle has some dormant symptoms of COVID-19, the two circles should stay separated for now.

Starbucks—given how many people walk in and out of a Starbucks globally every day, the iconic green siren has taken matters into her own hands by wearing a mask.

National Basketball Association (NBA)—this redesign of the normal logo could not better represent the current state of the NBA. If you didn’t already know, many American sports leagues have cancelled their seasons due to the worsening situation of the coronavirus in the states. In fact, a number of basketball players, such as Kevin Durant, have tested positive for the virus.

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics—This year’s Summer Olympics is set to be held in Tokyo from 21 July 2020 to 9 August 2020, but scientists warn that we might have to live in social distancing for up to a year. As of writing, the International Olympic Committee are in discussions of postponing the Olympics, with some countries like Canada withdrawing from the Olympics entirely.

It’s quite mind-blowing to think that we would have to live in social distancing for up to a year. How would you cope with these measures in place?

Coronavirus Logos | Behance

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