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| On 2 years ago

Singapore Indoor Dog Agility Arena: Challenge Your Furry Pal To These Obstacle Courses In Punggol

I stumbled upon the Singapore Indoor Dog Agility Arena while exploring Marina Country Club one evening. Friends who know me would know that I’m an avid dog-lover, and I knew that I had to bring my furry pal to give this place a try.

A quick Google search showed that the arena offered a weekly Agility Seminar and Workshop every weekend, at S$38 per dog. The one-hour session entails a basic introductory course to dog agility and guided use of selected obstacles.

We arrived at the arena on a Saturday afternoon, eagerly waiting for the session to begin. The owner, Meow (cute name, right?) shared with us that all the obstacles are imported from overseas, costing about S$100 per item.

Meow began by demonstrating with her dog through an obstacle course. We were incredibly impressed by how the Pyrenean Sheepdog manoeuvred through the entire course with such ease, by attentively following the instructions of her owner.

Soon it was time for Cameron, my dog’s turn to shine. The first obstacle was a tunnel, which seemed relatively straightforward at first — all she has to do is travel through a five-metre long tunnel with the help of a toy ball in the trainer’s hand.

Well, turns out it takes a lot more patience. She looks hesitant to go through the tunnel at first. The trainer told us beforehand to bring my dog’s favourite toys and treats, which are used to encourage and help the dog through the obstacles.

The trainer also suggested for someone to stand on the other side of the tunnel to call out to the dog. After much cajoling and treats, my dog finally walked through the tunnel. Good job! I totally felt like a proud parent at that moment.

We went on to try another obstacle, the bar jump. This is a common obstacle whereby the dog jumps through the pole, which can be adjusted to various heights during competitions.

The trainer shared that initially, dogs would walk past the obstacle rather than jump through them. Again, you may use treats to help the dog jump instead.

A similar obstacle is the tire jump. My brother was holding a treat on the other side of the obstacle, which then motivated my dog to jump through in order to receive the treat. True enough, she passed the obstacle easily and got the treat!

The trainer also reminded us to bring lots of water for the dog (and human), so do remember to hydrate!

After a short break, we proceeded to a more difficult obstacle — the A-frame. In this obstacle, the dog is required to climb up and down inclined slopes reaching a height of about two meters tall!

You can see Cameron hesitating to go up the slope, as it can seem rather intimidating. However, she was tempted by the treat, which my brother had placed several steps up.

With the help of treats and encouragements, Cameron then managed to climb up and down the A-frame without much difficulty. At this point, I was so proud of Cameron, as she seemed to clear the obstacles quite easily.

The trainer then shared that high-energy dogs such as my dog (Jack Russell Terrier) are highly suited for the dog agility arena.

My dog and I truly enjoyed the session offered here. The sessions will help the dog and owner to bond, as you two build a closer relationship when you navigate each obstacle successfully.

Singapore Indoor Dog Agility Arena also organises events such as dog training at basic, intermediate and competition level. Also, they are open to booking for events, such as birthdays!

Psst, you can even order food from nearby restaurants in the country club to have it delivered over. Come and chill with your furry friends at Singapore’s first-ever indoor dog agility arena today!

Price: S$38 per dog

Singapore Indoor Dog Agility Arena: Marina Country Club @ Punggol, 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670 | Opening Hours: 6am – 12am (by appointment) | Contact: +65 9839 3394 | Email | Website | Facebook

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