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| On 2 years ago

SHINE Festival 2017: What To Do & See At This Event Happening In Orchard Road Till 2 July

SHINE festival is back for its 12th instalment in Singapore, and it’s lining the streets of Orchard Road with music shows, game booths, food and drink stalls and so much more!

We headed over on the first day of the event to check out all the buzz.

Catch Your Favourite Artists At The Main Stage

On the main stage located right outside ION Orchard, is where you can catch the main acts belting their hearts out. This year’s fantastic line-up features both local and international artists, including Jessica Jung, The Sam Willows, Shigga Shay and Gentle Bones, just to name a few.

The area in front of the stage is rather narrow, so go down early if you want to secure a good spot!

Listen To Unplugged Tunes At The Acoustic Stage

Separate from the main stage and a further walk down, there is also an acoustic stage located right outside *SCAPE for those who prefer more unplugged tunes. If the crowd isn’t too big, you might be able to request for a song dedication as well!

Initially, we thought that the SHINE Festival was all about music. But as we walked along the stretch from ION to *SCAPE, we were also pleasantly surprised by the slew of activities taking place, as well as the various handcrafted and customisable goods sold at the string of booths that caught our eye.

Shop For Handcrafted & Customisable Goods

Perfect time to switch out from your basic transparent casing and get a new glamorous one from S$18 onwards.

There are also handmade customisable leather products that would make the perfect gift for that special someone.

I really liked these handmade cards from Laugh and Belly that will make you go aww, because it’s sweet and cheesy but not in that over-the-top kind of way. And they go for only S$5 each.

In conjunction with the music acts, this booth sells customisable goods that are related to the music acts that are performing. Merchandise for fans of The Sam Willow are sold here too, so grab em’ while they last!

Have Fun At These Activity Booths

Forget the old regular photo booths, this GIF booth is taking it up a notch by allowing you to take home an animated photo of yourself!

It works just like the boomerang effect on Instagram, and they even give you cute props to spruce up your photos.

Best part of all, these are absolutely free-of-charge! Be wary of impending long queues.

Have you ever seen a Mini Arcade right smack in the middle of Orchard Road? Neither have we, it was definitely a pleasant sight to see at the festival.

I can’t dance for nuts, but at the SHINE festival, they believe that everyone should #ownyourdreams, and so I plucked up my courage and hit the dance machine.

Even if you fail the dance mission (like we did), you still get a free slushie just for trying. See, that wasn’t so bad at all.

Moving on to more games… form teams and join the #majulaherasercup2017, an eraser tournament that is no less intense than the world cup itself.

We tried our hands at it, and it brought back lots of childhood memories of when we used to compete with eraser country flags in class. You will stand a chance to walk away with fantastic prizes if you get to the top.

If you have ever wanted to try your hands at DJ-ing, here’s your shot at 1-minute of fame. Here at the Beat Making station, you can experience overlaying beats to a sick track by DJ Mitch Advent, and create your very own mix.

It could be the start of something new, you’ll never know till you try!

Play A Part & Give Back To Society

At the booth by National Youth Council (NYC), you can find Insta-worthy fruit juices (that taste as good as they look by The Juice Way) and spin the wheel to try your luck at winning something when you sign up to be a part of the youth network community.

Don’t worry it’s not obligatory, it’s just something that will help the council understand youths like us better. After all that fun and games, it’s good to also think about who and what SHINE festival advocates.

TRYBE is a voluntary organisation with a group of dedicated volunteers, that seek to help troubled youths get back on track through immersive and inspiring programs.

Here, you can pen down your own experience and words of encouragement that would be passed on to the youths after the event concludes.

You can also read what other people have written if you’re feeling down yourself, or are in need of a little encouragement too.

At this booth, festival goers can also pen down “what silence means” to each of them. This is an initiative by HUSH that provides an immersive experience into communicating without words.

Finally, here’s the festival map to help you visualise the entire area better.

A tip would be to make your way down early and start your festival journey from *SCAPE, heading towards ION so that you wouldn’t miss out on any of the booths, then end your night on a high at the main stage arena.

Food trucks with mouthwatering delights will also be available following the road closure, come with an empty stomach and be prepared to have a blast!

Dates & Times: 30 June – 2 July, 3pm onwards

Price: Free

SHINE Festival 2017: Orchard Road | Facebook

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