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| On 2 years ago

Shaw Theatres Premiere: Experiencing The Only Premium Cinema In Serangoon

I love movies. Just entering the workforce, I’ve never had seats in a cinema other than the standard ‘economy’ seats, so Shaw Theatres Premiere was a very eye-opening experience for me and my buddy for this assignment.

We went to the Shaw Theatres Premiere at nex shopping mall, which was the only premium cinema in this area really.

We purchased our movie tickets at the cinema counter for S$25. When we chose our seats, we were pleasantly surprised- none of the seats was booked, maybe because it was 3pm on a weekday or because we caught Godzilla more than two weeks after its release date.

Which meant we could potentially have the whole cinema to ourselves if no one purchased tickets after us. The icing on the cake was that with every purchase of a Shaw Premiere ticket, you get a S$5 rebate for food, which you can also use to purchase popcorn combos. Even better, for Premiere ticket-holders, any popcorn purchase comes with free refills!

We only had to top up S$2.50 for ours.

Relax In The Premiere Lounge

Buying tickets to Shaw Premiere entitles you to use the Premiere lounge before and after the movie. Relax in one of the luxurious sofa seats or even catch some shut-eye. In fact, there wasn’t anyone at all, making it the perfect opportunity to nap- if you don’t mind passers-by gawking at you from the glass outside.

You can order food in the lounge if you haven’t had your lunch or dinner, but in our case, our movie was at three and we already had our lunch. After all, we’d be having free-flow popcorn during our movie.

You can even have an alcoholic drink or two before your movie in the lounge. Which we did not partake in as well- who drinks at 2.30pm?

The Theatre Layout

We went into the cinema a good fifteen minutes before our movie, to examine the theatres and its features while there was still light. As we left the comfort of the lounge, we realised- we might really be the only two people catching the movie. I immediately thought of propping my leg up on the seat in front of me and engaging in popcorn wars since I wouldn’t be disturbing anyone else. Then my friend reminded me, “walao eh, we are going to an atas theatre leh, must show a bit of class.”

The Shaw Premieres cinema houses 48 seats in its theatre, making it an incredibly private affair. The cinema seats are separated into four columns, with the stairs cascading every two seats. If you have the habit of entering the cinemas late during trailers/commercials, you won’t not have to constantly whisper “excuse me” to get to your seat while tolerating impatient stares.

Comfortability And Convenience

I hopped into my seat and literally sank in. It was that comfortable. The leather seats did not have the sticky niam niam feel, where you would feel your skin sticking to the seat after an extended period of sitting. The chair reclined at a 60-degree angle, which made my eyes align perfectly with the cinema screen. I didn’t think it mattered that we chose the middle seats. If your chair reclines at that angle, you can have a great view of the screen no matter where you sit at. There is also a button for you to raise the leg rest up to ninety degrees.

I remembered laughing at my friend for wearing shorts to a cold movie theatre, but it turns out that the joke was on me. Each Premiere seat in the theatre comes with a blanket for you to keep yourself warm.

If you missed your chance to get food or drink from the lounge earlier, don’t worry, you can still order whatever you need from inside the cinema. Simply push a button at your table and a ‘butler’ will come to you for orders; you can also refill your popcorn via this method.

The movie started and we were just sucked into it. We did not find ourselves fidgetting in our seats for the duration of the movie, which is when you can tell that you are in a really comfortable position.

Skip The Toilet Queues

Another perk of Shaw Premiere is you get access to the lounge’s toilet essentially avoiding long queues formed outside the mall’s toilet by people who need their post-credits pee.

Time flies when you are having fun, or in this case, when you’re comfortable, and as I left the lounge, I sighed. Who knows when I might get to experience this level of comfort in a cinema again.

Price: S$20 (off-peak) S$25 (peak)

Shaw Premiere: 23 Serangoon Central, nex shopping mall, #04-64, Singapore 556083 | Website | Tel: 6235 2077

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