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Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze: Have Trippy Fun With Colours At Science Centre Singapore

Out of all the school excursions I’ve been on, the ones at the Science Centre Singapore (SCS) are by far my favourite. I’m sure this place holds many beautiful memories for you as well and you can now create more of them here with this spanking new permanent installation.

Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze is the largest in Asia. Conceptualised by Adrian Fisher Design, the world’s leading creator of mazes and seven-time Guinness World Record holder, this maze is bound to leave you amazed!

The installation is awfully trippy from the get-go. One of the exhibits at the entrance is an optical illusion where you can appear to give yourself a handshake.

We entered the room behind the curtains, where a video played and explained that Professor Crackitt is an eccentric scientist who has lost his pet parrot, Wattnot.

You have to navigate your way through his laboratory which is made up of 105 mirror cells. Along the way, you can check out the interactive experiments lying around.

Before entering the mirror maze itself, you will walk through a corridor and enter a room filled with one-way mirrors. The people in the room on the other side of the mirror could not see me and it felt like I was in CSI.

By this time, I was raring to enter the life-sized labyrinth of mirrors, filled with infinite reflections and endless hallways.

Each visitor is given a styrofoam way-finding stick for you to feel your way around the maze. This way, the mirrors remain fingerprint-free and you get to avoid collisions with yourself (trust me, I had a few close shaves).

If you’re here for the photo-taking, I’d suggest that you enjoy the experience first and take the photographs later at a checkpoint. Once you enter the mirror maze, you will be confronted with narrow corridors and it may be too crowded for you to capture a good shot anyway.

Silly me was about to take out my pocket mirror to touch up my lipstick before my friend reminded me that there are mirrors everywhere. Being surrounded by mirrors allows you to check that you’re camera ready and all set for that outfit of the day (OOTD) shot.

This is the junction checkpoint that I was talking about. It is the perfect spot for you to take that OOTD shot because your photographer has space to take a wider angle shot without being in the photograph. Now you can be photographed without being afraid of blocking other visitors.

The colours in the maze are constantly changing so your photographer should take burst shots for you and you can select the colours that are most appealing to you afterwards.

The stops along the maze, Reality Checks, are whimsical inventions by the Professor which are centred around various phenomena of light and mirrors.

One of the reality checks, ‘Kaleidoscope’

A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument that creates beautiful symmetrical imagery using mirrors. The polka-dot and colour scheme in this huge kaleidoscope is reminiscent of Yayoi Kusama‘s trademark style.

‘The Dynamic Chromatologic Shadow Splitter’

The white light in the room is created by a combination of red, blue and green light. Blocking one or more of the three coloured lights allow you to create various coloured shadows that are a reflection of the remaining light colours.

‘The Dynamic Chromatologic Shadow Splitter’ is one of my favourite Reality Checks because not only can you forget about boring black shadows, every single shot taken here is effortlessly artsy.

Be prepared to be wowed by holographic beauty in the next two hands-on Reality Checks. You can press on the metal plates and play with a bubble film.

This installation is a great place for a date or to hang out with your family friends. So head down to the Science Centre Singapore for some colourful fun while expanding your scientific knowledge at the same time!

Prices: Refer to Science Centre admissions prices 

Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze: Science Centre Singapore, 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 10am – 6pm | Tel: +65 6425 2500 | Website

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