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New Bangkok Mall Samyan Mitrtown Opens With More Than 100 Shops & A 24 Hour Supermart

Bangkok has certainly made headlines in recent times with a slew of new malls sprouting up, including a brand new luxury outlet mall.

Visitors are now spoilt for choice on which mall to head to for their shopping and feasting delights. Well, let’s add to that dilemma with the new Samyan Mitrtown, a six-storey mixed-use shopping mall opening in Rama IV Road, Bangkok.

Credit – Samyan Mitrtown

Samyan Mitrtown is home to more than 100 shops ranging from restaurants to lifestyle retailers where you can engage in a good session of retail therapy. Being a mixed-use complex, a two-storey co-working office space is part of the building along with a cinema for you to seek the latest shows on the big screen. Other than the retail area, the mall also consists of a condominium called Triple Y Residence, the Triple Y Hotel, and Mitrtown Office Tower as well.

Credit – Samyan Mitrtown

What makes this Bangkok mall different from the others is their 24-hour zone where the shops present in this zone will be open for guests to patronise at any time of the day. In addition to 24-hour convenience stores and restaurants, Big C Supermart will be open all day and night as well.

There will also be various arts and culture schools, and a fitness gym.

Credit – Samyan Mitrtown

The food court looks to be pretty amazing as well. Samyan Food Legends by MBK, is located on the fourth floor of the mall and houses brands such as Pranakorn Noodle and famous Thai tea brand ChaTraMue. Debuting in Bangkok in this mall are Taiwan noodle house Mei Wei Wan, Korean fried chicken brand To Kio Jo, Chinese restaurant Din’s, Korean-style BBQ restaurant Byeokje and Canadian fast-food chain Tim Hortons.

Credit – Samyan Mitrtown

The new Samyan Mitrtown mall aims to add new concepts catering to the tech-saavy shopper, a pleasant draw for Singaporeans seeking new shopping and feasting options in Bangkok. Located just adjacent to MRT Samyan Station, this is a mall you will not want to miss on your next trip there.

Samyan Mitrtown: Wang Mai, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand | Website | Facebook

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