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Ritual Gym: All You Need For A Bangin’ Bod Is 30 Mins Every Day At This Gym At Robinson Road

A complete gym experience in just 30 minutes – that’s what Ritual Gym pledges to do for you. If you are a busy executive or someone who is always on the go, there’s no reason why Ritual Gym shouldn’t be your top gym choice with its ideal central locations and fuss-free experience.

In a swift 16 – 20 minutes, you are motivated to go as fast and as hard as you can to get the maximum grind. Be challenged at varying levels of customised HIIT circuits that will get you sweating and burning calories in less than 10 minutes.

As we’re always in search of the best workout options in Singapore, here’s why this 30-minutes gym is worth every cent of yours and is THE place that we’re recommending for a gym routine.

The Concept

30 minutes sounds like a short time as compared to the hour and half you would usually spend slogging it out at a gym.

However, with a 16 – 20 minutes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) strength-focused workout, you train hard and get to shower, refuel and head back to your workplace, all in under 30 minutes.

To get you started on this routine, you’ll first be assessed by a Ritual coach who will advise you on the suitable level of workout for your 20 minutes training.

A complete postural and fitness level assessment will be done followed by the learning of nine basic moves that complete every workout done here at Ritual Gym.

The Workout

After being taught the nine basic workouts during the trial, simply follow the level boards (1, 2 or 3 as recommended by your coach) for every subsequent training at Ritual Gym. 

Level boards are modified everyday — using at least five of the nine basic workouts, the coaches change the circuits, timing for each circuit, intensity and type of movements done at each level.

Each level varies with the amount of weights used and the way each move can be done, so don’t worry about the exercises getting boring even if you hit Ritual Gym everyday. (Anyway, you should be hitting the gym everyday, it’s a ritual anyway!)

Every session starts with the warm-up and cool down stretches so you will definitely get a hang of the movements after a while. Each class has a maximum of ten people, and your workout session is done in your individual pod with all the equipment you need within your reach. 

The on-floor coach will give you timely advice on your posture to maximise the burn for each move. Not to forget, you should work your body to the max with the occasional 30-second break in between to get the real burn!

The Full Experience

My virgin Ritual Gym experience at the newly-opened Robinson Road outlet definitely made me feel like it was getting me bang for my buck.

The amenities were all in tip top conditions and you truly have everything at your disposal. Simply walk in empty handed and still complete your entire gym experience.

Towels, shirts, shorts, shower amenities and even water is provided, making it really hassle-free!

At the Holland Village and Raffles Place outlet, you can even grab a smoothie to end your lunch hour or workout on a perfect note.

Since there can only be ten people at every one point of time, the Ritual Gym space isn’t too crowded and still leaves you with enough personal space.

I loved how the whole experience could be condensed into 30 minutes making it less of a chore. With the workouts being highly intensive, it also shortened my ‘suffering’ time, increasingly the likelihood of me returning for another beating the day after.

The staff at Ritual Gym provide you with a personalised experience so that you won’t feel like your journey to fitness is a lonely one.

Simply start your 7-day ($36.75) or two-week trial ($66.75) at any of the three locations. Be quick to sign up before the promotional prices end! This could be the best possible solution to get your summer bod before the summer holidays fly past. 

Prices: 7-Day trial ($36.75), 2-Week trial ($66.75) 

Ritual Gym — The 30-Minute Gym @Robinson Road: 140 Robinson Road, #03-01, Singapore 068987 | Tel: +65 6584 9469 | Opening Hours: (Mon – Fri) 6.30am – 9pm, (Sat) 9am – 3pm | Other Outlets | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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