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Rihanna’s Fenty Goes Trendy With Brand New Beauty House Specially For TikTokers

Rihanna, our trend queen, knows something big when she sees it. So with Tiktok gaining global attention, it’s no surprise to see the all-around cultural mogul launch a Fenty Beauty House created especially for Tiktokers.

Credit-Fenty Beauty

The musician and creator of the wildly successful Fenty Beauty line brings convenience to creators sharing their love for Fenty with the all-new Fenty Beauty TikTok House. Burgeoning Tiktokers now have a home with a fully stocked ‘Make-up Pantry’ to create their beauty-focused content. The idea is to have Fenty Beauty spotlighting their creative excellence along the way which is pretty much any beauty influencers dream.

As if the endless supply of makeup isn’t amazing enough, this Los Angeles home also features a pool and tons of video-ready natural light and mirrors. This hence provides creators with an ambience of endless perfect lighting regardless of where they set foot in the house—further highlighting their Fenty glows.

Credit-Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty itself launched a TikTok account several months ago to hype the launch of its Full Frontal mascara and has quietly raked in 386.4 thousand followers as of 9 March 2020.

Riri explains that the rationale behind the creation of the beauty hub was to provide a platform for the next wave of content creators. Describing our generation as the sickest, illest and the most creative, creating a Tiktok house only seems like a natural next step to take.

Credit-Fenty Beauty

The Tiktok hub has already partnered with several influential beauty creators. This includes Makayla, Emmy Combs, and Savannah Palacio, who are already actively creating content for the brand. There’s even a sneak preview of what this beauty palace looks like on the Fenty Tiktok account.

Well, all I can say is I guess it’s finally time I live out my influencer dreams. Who knows, one day you might see my name as the latest content creator to join this exclusive beauty posse—so I hope you’re enjoying my articles now while I’m still humble and have time to write.

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