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Be Present For A Real “Once In A Blue Moon” Experience At The Science Centre This 31 Jan

Ever wondered where the phrase “once in a blue moon” came from? It’s used to describe an event that’s really rare, but did you know that you can actually also watch it literally happen in the night sky?

This 31 January 2018, head over to the Science Centre Singapore for the total lunar eclipse. See the moon change from blue to blood red before your very eyes, as the Earth’s shadow completely covers the moon from 8.51pm to 10.08pm.

Want to find out more about the Earth’s mini orbital buddy? Catch the live planetarium show Phases of the Moon to discover the science behind lunar eclipses. If you’ve always been curious about the cultural significance of the moon, this planetarium show will answer your burning questions.

Grab a friend or two, or bring your special someone along for a date, because it quite literally is a once-in-a-blue-moon experience!

Date & Time: 31 January 2018, 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Price: Free Admission

Once In A Blue Moon: Science Centre Singapore, 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081 | Facebook | Website

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