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Relive Only The Best Bits Of Puberty With Old School Tunes At HopHeads This 31 Mar

This 31 March 2018, head down to HopHeads to relive the glory days of bands like Simple Plan, The Click Five and Linkin Park.

At Puberty Again – Dance Party, jam all night long to the tunes that were on replay back in the ’00s. This dance party will definitely leave you feeling really old and wistful about your puberty years, but it’ll be great fun!

Remember the songs you were screaming along to in Kbox sessions? Or the ones you turned to during a heartbreak? The only difference is that booze is now legally in the picture.

There are no cover charges for this party — just dress up and show up! Grab your high school homies and party like the old times.

HopHeads is also taking song requests on their Facebook page so hit them up if there’s a song you must have at the party. We’ve heard that Mr Brightside is definitely on the playlist!

Man, I can’t wait to relive the good times when Avril Lavigne was belting out Girlfriend instead of “K-k-k-k-Kawaii”. The puberty years sure were embarrassing but those years had some of the best songs ever!

Date & Time: 31 March 2018, 10pm – 4am 

Price: No cover charge

Puberty Again – Dance Party: HopHeads, 178 Clemenceau Ave, Haw Par Glass Tower B1-00, Singapore 23992 | Website | Facebook

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