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Explore A Former Malaysia Prison Museum In Melaka For Just RM 3

I have always wondered what prison life is all about. The thought of four concrete stone walls isolating one from the world outside is pretty much the description I have heard over the years. For most of us who’ve thankfully not been convicted of a crime, we would probably wonder what the interior of a prison looks like.

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Without doing anything illegal, here’s how you can look inside a prison. There is a museum called Muzium Penjara Malaysia in Melaka for you to explore the interiors of an actual prison that was converted into a museum.

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For just RM 3 (approximately S$1), you will get to see the internal structure of the former prison as well as the daily lives of how prisoners used live there. Some visitors have commented that they felt some creepy vibes while visiting, as many prisoners lived and died in the cells.

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Pictures of actual drawings and wall scrawlings of the inmates can also be seen in the museum, along with graphic images of the convicts’ buttocks after a cane whipping punishment. Feel the realistic prison chills as you visit other exhibits in the museum such as isolation cells, interrogation room, and hanging gallows.

It is not often members of the public get an insight into a prison cell —this place is certainly one that I would keep my eyes on during my next trip to Melaka.

Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm on Tuesdays – Sundays

Price: RM3 (Adults with MyKad) and RM1 (1-12years olds with MyKad)

RM6 (Non-Malaysian adults) and RM3 (1-12 years old non-Malaysian kids)

Malaysia Prison Museum: Jalan Parameswara, Cnr Jln Parameswara & Jln Melati, Melaka 75000, Malaysia | Website | Facebook |+60 6-281 3548

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