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| On 2 years ago

PowerDot: Improve Your Fitness With Active Recovery & Massage Functions By Zapping Your Muscles

Gimmicks, quick fixes and products that are no better than the voodoo mumbo jumbo peddled by crooks flood the markets. Leaving the average Joe and Jane on the street confused, misinformed and conned.

Is the PowerDot ($239) one of those fraudulent products? No. Would I recommend just anyone to part with their hard earned money for one? No.

With the rise of Crossfit and functional training, there’s been an increased emphasis on training to be more physically capable, as opposed to just being the biggest most jacked guy in the room.

What I have is an obsession with training, one that has me reading and researching all the time. So, when I got the opportunity to test the PowerDot, I quickly jumped at it.

Developed by Singapore firm Smartmissimo Technologies, the PowerDot measures 60.35 MM (H) x 43.36 MM (W). Roughly half the size of a name card. It charges using a microUSB port so it’s really convenient and its functions are controlled via the PowerDot app connected through Bluetooth.

From the app you can adjust the intensity of the stimulation, set your goals and tweak your training plan. It’s particularly good to know that the app currently exists for iOS and Android only.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

The kit is easy to use and portable. Making it convenient to bring to competitions especially if you’re headed overseas for one.

Zapping your muscles. Yes, it’s a thing that’s been around for a while… a long while. EMS has already been proven to work, so you don’t have to worry about it being some shake-weight nonsense.

Using electrical relatively low doses of electrical current, muscles rhythmically contract. This gets the blood flowing to the muscle and can perform with things like active recovery and massage. These are just a couple of functions that you could use the PoweDot for; at least for the two functions I was able to test out.

What Is The PowerDot?

On the product packaging, it’s touted as a “smart wearable sports electrical muscle stimulator”, that’s quite a mouthful of words.

Essentially, the PowerDot sends electrical pulses to the muscle its pads are attached to.

It’s easy to use with images and diagrams clearly defining where you should place the pads, and perhaps more importantly, where not to.

Massage And Active Recovery

EMS has been touted to aid with a whole array of things, and the PowerDot is no different. However, having it for a limited time I put it through its paces for the massage and active recovery functions.

At a low power setting you’ll feel a tingling sensation, and as you bump up the power you’ll feel your muscles twitch. It’s all part of the process and what you should expect when using EMS.

We tested it on two people just to be sure I wasn’t swayed by my inner fitness geek.

My verdict? If you’ve ever felt sore from a hard session of lifting weights, running or whatever physical activity is, the PowerDot definitely helps in it active recovery and massage functions.

Top Notch Customer Service

Hats off to the customer service team at Smartmissimo Technologies! When I first downloaded the PowerDot app, I encountered some annoying issues when trying to connect the device to my phone via Bluetooth.

A couple of emails later and they helped me troubleshoot the issue and even offered to meet up to fix the problem if it persisted, that’s because I live in Singapore.

I wouldn’t recommend the PowerDot to everyone. But, if you’re someone who’s into physical training and looking to do it smarter, recover better and add a convenient dimension to your training then this could be the next gadget to pick up.

Price: S$239

PowerDot by Smartmissimo Technologies | Facebook | Website

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