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Power Rangers TV Marathon: Relive Your Childhood With These Superheroes Streaming On Twitch From Now Till 31 March ’17

There’s no denying that we are all hyped up for Liongate’s Power Rangers movie — while we are already hopeful and eagerly awaiting its release this coming 23 March 2017, there’s one more thing about the iconic series that made us squeal even further.

As a build up to the forthcoming Power Rangers movie, Twitch has recently announced that it will host a Power Rangers TV Marathon from now till 31 March 2017.

The TV marathon will be streamed live and feature all 23 seasons, adding up to a massive total of 831 episodes. That’s a lot of episodes to get through loads of popcorn and nostalgia.

It’s mighty morphin’ time to relive your childhood days!

Dates: Streaming Live from now till 31 March 2017 on Twitch 

Power Rangers TV Marathon: Website

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