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PM Lee’s Legendary Language-Changing Cup — Available For Pre-Order Now

Want to be multi-lingual like our esteemed leader? With Supermama—a local design store—you can inspire to be as linguistic as you want to be.

Credit – Supermama

This porcelain cup was first noticed on 3 April 2020, during the Circuit Breaker announcement by PM Lee on national television. It became a momentous yet running joke as PM Lee addressed the nation in three languages. Coincidentally, during each transition, he was seen sipping from the teacup. Since then, it was famously known as “the legendary language-changing cup”.

On the fame of the blue teacup, our fellow writer, Vera Leng, did an investigative write-up and revealed that the cup has multiple appearances even before 3 April. Find out more here.

Credit – Supermama

With tembusu flower motifs hand-painted on the cup, it symbolises “resilience, dynamism, purpose, and usefulness”—which perfectly describes its timely appearance during this time of uncertainty.

Credit – Supermama

Currently, the first batch of the magic cup is sold out. However, fret not because Supermama is accepting pre-orders for their next batch of production. Do expect the life-changing cup to only reach around mid-August.

Price: S$38

Pre-Order Here.

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