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Pink Dot Singapore 2020 — Show Your Support With Pink Lights At Home

With the significant decrease in local and important cases in the past few days, it is probably safe to predict that circuit breaker measures will probably start to ease come 1 June 2020. This would mean that social distancing measures would still be in place, and it will not be safe for large groups of people to gather in public just yet.

With that being said, Pink Dot 12 has announced on Facebook that this year’s event would be one where they asked supporters to show support by putting up pink lights in their homes and workplaces.

Pink Dot SG is an annual event that started in 2009 in support of the LGBTQ community in Singapore. Attendees of Pink Dot gather at Hong Lim Park to form a “pink dot” to show support for inclusiveness, diversity and the freedom to love.

In their campaign video, a handful of people from the community and allies are shown decorating their homes with pink lights in solidarity, despite being physically apart.

“… you may live with family that don’t accept you and you might be hiding. At least for that one night, look out and know that there are others with you.”

Indeed, just because we are kept physically apart, does not mean we cannot show support for one another otherwise.

To show your support, hang up pink lights on 27 June 2020, stand in solidarity, and lets take a stand together against discrimination in all its forms.

Date: 27 June 2020 

Pink Dot SG | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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