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| On 1 year ago

Photogenic Spots Around Our Tampines Hub To Help Flex Your Insta Game

The relatively new Our Tampines Hub is a family-friendly place with multiple sports facilities and a swanky library. You can dine with your family at the large hawker centre, or catch a free movie screening at an open area on the ground floor.

But what you probably didn’t know is that you can also shoot some sick photos at various locations within the hub. It’s a pretty big place so there is some walking to do, but there are certain spots that can give you your next 500-likes picture.

Let’s talk no further, and get shooting.

Ground Level

Look up from the first floor and you can see the intricate lines that combine to form the structure of the building. Along with the giant ceiling fans, this creates a nice backdrop for pictures.

Take a shot from a low angle and have the subject look at something faraway; you know, the “basic bitch” shot. Take the side profile for an even more “step” photo.

There’s also a long staircase near the hawker centre where you can take some literally step photos. Play around with angles and get creative; make use of the metal railings if you want to!

Second Floor

Take the escalator up to the second level, look at the opposite side of the hub, and there you have another nice background.

The escalators that overlap each other together with the tinted glass create a nice visual.

Walk further down and you’ll see a ‘Beanie Zone’ filled with red beanies. There are some paintings hung on the wall so the space makes for some pretty nice pictures. Feel free to play around with the bean bags but please don’t mess up the place. Be a nice, considerate citizen.

Also on the second floor is a playground area for kids. Well, it’s made for kids but who says we can’t enjoy it?

The structures at the playground are pretty cute with vibrant colours. As long as you’re not getting in the way of the children’s fun time, get on one of the slides and snap a picture!

There is even a mini trampoline, though I suggest you not play with it. Face it, you’re older and heavier. Don’t go breaking the trampoline now. But feel free to strike a cool pose while sitting next to the trampoline, pretending to reminisce about your childhood.

One thing of abundance at Tampines Hub is the amount of study corners. There are plenty of tables and benches for students to ‘chiong’ last minute assignments.

Come sunset, the sun rays will be beaming through those corners because of the open area concept of the building. At that opportune moment, it will be perfect to capture a warm photo of the people there, or even yourself.

Just remember to bring your shades to shield your eyes, but more importantly to look awesome.

Football Field

A fully-equipped football field with spectator seats is now also housed at Our Tampines Hub, if you didn’t already know. Capture the action with your camera, or you can try and include yourself in it.

Lean against the railings and act like you’re in attendance of a Barcelona versus Real Madrid game. I know it’s not true but just act like it is, all for the ‘gram.


A brand new library in the East side of Singapore! It’s a very beautiful one too. Now before you get mad at me for trying to take pictures in a place where it’s meant for people to have some quiet reading time, I did it without disturbing a single soul. Seriously, I was like a ninja.

So if you really want to take some pictures of this nice library, please make sure your camera is silent. Don’t go bringing a fully professional DSLR with the loud flapping shutter sound every time you take a shot.


Barbeque pits are available for rental at the rooftop so it’s a great place to have a barbeque session with friends and family! There is also a garden on this level.

You can take a nice photo of yourself standing near the edge, looking down at all the puny humans and cars on the street level.

The rooftop garden has a pretty collection of greens, so pick a plant and start shooting. You’re going to look like a kick-ass Poison Ivy.

— —

Our Tampines Hub is a fantastic place to just kick back and spend a simple Sunday. It’s basically a mall with a variety of sports facilities that you can book. The library can satisfy your reading or studying needs, and the hawker centre has a wide selection of cuisine for your growling stomach.

Just know that the next time you go over, you should bring along a compact camera.

Our Tampines Hub: 25 Tampines Street 82, Singapore 528988 | Website | Facebook

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