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Excavating My Past Life: A Visit To A Singapore Psychic, Holistic Healer, And Past Life Reader

You know how sometimes, meeting someone for the first time, you’re struck by an odd sense of familiarity? Sometimes it’s a feeling of deep understanding, or an instant bond, or a sense of instinctive recognition. Some people attribute this to past lives lived: maybe you really have met before. Whether lovers, friends, family, or enemies in past lives, could that dynamic have carried over into this life?

To make sense of this, I visited Wendy, a past life reader.

When I turned up at her address, Wendy welcomed me into her workspace: a spacious room with soft light and crystals scattered around. A sofa and an armchair arranged around a coffee table made up her consultation space, and in the far corner, a reclining chair was set up.


Sitting around Wendy’s coffee table, we had a short chat before my session. How did I hear about her? What was I interested in working on? What did I want to achieve that day, and what would be most helpful for me? In a past life reading session, Wendy channels information from your past lives, and relays that to you. It is believed that knowledge of your past lives can give you insight into your present life, and help you to navigate the lessons you’re meant to learn in this life.

According to Wendy’s website, ‘These (past life reading) give you an opportunity to see patterns beyond the confusion and illusions of your current life and to bring this awareness into current life. The session is non-religious and people from different religions, backgrounds and races have benefited from it.”

And so we began.

Wendy started my reading session with a prayer to allow her to access the records of my past lives. Then, she started tapping into the energy I was holding in my body.

“I’m going to explain the energy I picked up from you.”

Wendy told me that she experienced pain around my right arm, left hand and leg, and my throat chakra. There was a good energy flow around my right leg, though, as well as my solar plexus chakra. Her diagnosis? Work was going well for me, but I wasn’t in control when it came to romantic relationships. I had the energy to start projects but was experiencing difficulty when it came to expressing myself. It was resonant so far, and I asked Wendy a few questions to clarify her reading of my energy.

The solar plexus chakra is known as the “lustrous gem” energy centre within our bodies.

My Past Married Life

She asked me what issues I wanted to know. Being unprepared for this, I listed a few names of people in my life. “What are their legal names and birthdates?” Wendy asked. Referencing the list I gave her, she picked out one of the names as being more significant to me and proceeded to tell me about the life I’d once shared with them.

“This was quite a modern life. I see him holding a briefcase, and it feels like you had a romantic relationship with him in that life. Though there’s a lot of love, I can feel a pain that’s always in my chest.”

As Wendy described that life, and what she sensed about me then, more and more of the story’s details unfolded. It turned out that I had been married to this person in that past life, but he had cheated on me with a woman who was younger and more attractive than I was. I knew about his infidelity but refused to acknowledge it, and instead pretended that nothing was wrong with the marriage.

But one day, Wendy told me, I bumped into them when I was out and I couldn’t feign ignorance anymore. I turned and walked away, and my husband chose to stay with her and placate her, instead of chasing after me.

Therapist notes from the past life reading session 

It’s not an uncommon story, but the strangest thing happened as Wendy was recounting it. As she spoke, I felt myself tearing. I told myself to relax, but relaxing seemed only to allow me to tap into that emotion that’s not entirely my own, and I started crying.

“Don’t worry, there’s some tissue over there,” Wendy told me. “You still feel it, don’t you?”

“I don’t know what I’m feeling,” I said. “I don’t know if I’m feeling it because of-just-I don’t know why-”

“You loved him very deeply, and I can feel how much pain there was in your heart. You can feel it now because it happened to you. I think your soul can feel it,” Wendy responded.

“Have I shared any other lives with this person?” I asked Wendy.

“Yes, three or four other significant lives.”

“Were we always lovers?”

“Not always, but the theme is always the same.”

Wendy went on to describe another life, in which this person was my mother. In that life, some expectations were unmet, and my mother never loved me the way I wanted her to. “So it’s always the same thing. You have a deep yearning for this person’s love, but you won’t receive it. This person’s energy will always hurt you, not because they mean ill, but as a result of this dynamic.”

“So what should I do?”

“Your lesson is to learn to let go.”

Wendy did readings of my past lives with three others. A life in which I wooed a woman who was betrothed to another, and whose inamorato threatened my life upon finding out. A life in which my sister and playmate were heavily favoured by our parents, and I was blamed for all wrongdoing. A life in which I had an unstable, violent father, of whom I was terrified.

And what lessons were there for me? I asked. “You need to learn to stand up for yourself. You need to learn to forgive.”

At the end of the session, I had a lot of information to process. What do we do with the knowledge that may or may not be accurate, anyhow? I’m not sure what the answers are, but I do believe that we make sense of the world through symbols, metaphors and narratives. If it works for you, who should tell you otherwise?

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