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| On 2 years ago

ORTO Park: Enjoy A Fun Afternoon At Singapore’s First Multi-Recreational Park With 5 Exciting Activities Tucked Within A Place

Funny how we always complain about the dwindling green spaces on our island, and yet somewhere in the Northern part of Singapore (near Khatib MRT Station) lies a scenic nature sanctuary unknown to many.

Perhaps the name “Bottle Tree Park” might spark some form of recollection. The newly refurbished 555,000 sq ft (about the size of seven football fields) park is now called ORTO Park.

ORTO Park is Singapore’s first multi-recreational park that opens 24 hours daily. With a relaxing and scenic ambience, ORTO Park features a myriad of activities for one to enjoy, and here are some of the highlights:

1. Red Dynasty Paintball Park

First established in 2007 at the old Bottle Tree Park and boasting two other paintball parks (Turf City and Sembawang), Red Dynasty Paintball runs Singapore’s largest and most popular paintball facilities.

You’ll have to pay $29.90 per person for the James Bond Package (100 paintballs), $39.90 per person for the Godfather Package (200 paintballs), $49.90 per person for the Rambo Package (300 paintballs) and $59.90 per person for the Mad Dog Package (500 paintballs).

Standard packages aside, Red Dynasty Paintball also provides other interesting packages, such as the Zombie Night Package and the National Service Cohesion Package.

After a quick briefing on the operation of the paintball gun, we entered the shooting arena with our battle gear: a safety helmet, body vest and the paintball rifle.

At this point, we were already super excited and beyond thrilled for the game to begin. Tasked with a simple capture-the-flag mission, we skirmished in a not-so-friendly fire as we bolted through the various obstacles.

While we didn’t end up entirely covered in splatters of yellow paint at the end of the match, we definitely sustained some form of bruising. We urge that you come in your old pair of jeans and shoes – you never know where you might get hit.

Opening Hours:  9am – 11pm (Daily), Reservations Required

Prices: $29.90/pax (100 paintballs), $39.90/pax (200 paintballs), $49.90/pax (300 paintballs), $59.90/pax (500 paintballs) and more

Red Dynasty Paintball Park (ORTO): Unit Number #01-14 | Tel: (+65) 6659 4782, (+65) 6755 7537, (+65) 6659 8095 | Website | Facebook

2. Maximum Drift

We have all heard of Go-Karts, but what about its revolutionised version, Drift Karts? Launched in December 2016, Maximum Drift is Singapore’s first drift-karting arena.

For non-members, you’ll have to pay $18/10-minute session on weekdays or $20/10-minute session on weekends. Members will only have to pay $15/10-minute session on both weekdays and weekends and also enjoy a few other perks.

As the name suggests, Maximum Drift features go-kart drifting. Participants are able to simulate and relish the thrill of drifting via specially-designed tracks and battery-operated drift-karts.

Unlike traditional go-karts, the drift-kart is not built for speed or straight tracks. It incorporates the drifting elements without compromising the driver’s safety.

After a short briefing and familiarisation around the track, we were off.

Aside from the occasional (and humiliating) blunders and collisions with one another, we definitely enjoyed ourselves. Though, it was quite a challenge to attempt drifting at every corner.

Opening Hours: 3pm – 9pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 9pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

Prices: $18/10-minute session (weekdays), $20/10-minute session (weekends)

Maximum Drift: Unit Number: #01-15 | Tel: (+65) 9299 3911| Email | Website | Facebook

3. Katapult Trampoline Park

Situated between the Red Dynasty Paintball Park and the Prawning Ponds, Katapult Trampoline Park features more than 8000 sq ft of custom-made, interconnecting trampolines in its premises.

You’ll have to pay $15 for one hour and $28 for two hours on weekdays. For weekends, you’ll have to pay $19 for one hour and $35 for two hours. Jumpers are also required to purchase non-slip socks, which are priced at $3 per pair.

One of the main highlights of Katapult is the Freefall. The intense three-second adrenaline rush as you fall from the platform makes this one of the must-tries, albeit strictly for 18 years old and above.

The Bag Jump provides jumpers with the opportunity to practise stunts, like back flips, while soaring through the air before landing onto a massive air bag.

Last but not least, you get to experience dodge ball on a whole new level as you square off with your opponents while surrounded by wall-to-wall trampolines.

Aside from the aforementioned, Katapult Trampoline Park also houses other cool activities, such as the Wall Run or the Slackline. In case you were wondering, trampolining is more effective than jogging and requires less effort.

I guess it’s time to hit the parks!

Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm (Mon), 10am – 9pm (Tues to Fri & School Holidays), 9am – 9pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

Prices: $15 (weekday, one hour), $28 (weekday, two hours), $19 (weekend, one hour), $35 (weekend, two hours)

Katapult Trampoline Park: Unit Number: #01-11 | Tel: (+65) 6754 5188 | Email | Website | Facebook

4. Prawning @ORTO

Prawning @ORTO is the largest prawning facility in Singapore.

It’ll cost $20 for an hour, $30 for two hours, $36 for three hours, or even $108 for ten hours of prawning. Senior Citizens, students and NSFs are entitled to a special rate of $33 for three hours from Mondays to Thursdays, excluding eves of public holidays and public holidays.

Upon signing up for the relevant packages, you will be given both the bait and the prawning rod. Prawning @ORTO features ten ponds, eight of which are for prawning, while the remaining are for yabby and pole fishing.

We were instructed to position our rods such that the hooks would be in the middle of the pond, as that was apparently where the prawns would congregate. What followed was the monotony of baiting the prawns.

Here’s where we started discussing our philosophical nothings. But I digress.

And like many other prawning facilities, you’ll get to skewer, grill and feast on the prawns that you’ve caught (if you manage to catch any that is). Trust me, they were very juicy.

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily, do check the Facebook page for updates.

Prices: $20 (one hour), $30 (two hours), $36 (three hours), $108 (ten hours)

Prawning @ORTO: Unit Number: #01-09 | Tel: (+65) 8518 1088 | Email | Facebook

5. Fishing Paradise @ORTO

At the heart of ORTO Park lies Fishing Paradise @ORTO. Surrounded by a scenic view of a tranquil lake and several lakeside restaurants, Fishing Paradise @ORTO gives off a strong, rustic kampung vibe.

For fishing at the Main Pond, you’ll have to pay $12/hour or $60 for 12 hours on both weekdays and weekends. Should you arrive after 5pm on weekdays, we recommend getting the six hours package (till 7am) at $40. NSFs, students and retirees (55 years old and above) get to a cheaper rate of $35 (six hours) during the weekdays.

Equipment rental is priced at $5/session. While no pork in any form is allowed, you can choose to bring your own bait or buy them for $2 – $4.

Fishing Paradise @ORTO also features a beginner pond for those who are new to the sport. You’ll have to pay $5/catch-and-release in the beginner pond but equipment rental is free here.

You can choose to purchase the food fishes, such as the patin and tilapia, back at the additional cost of $5 per fish.

We picked up the basics fairly quickly, thanks to our guide’s elaborate explanation and assistance.

It didn’t take us long before we managed to land ourselves a red tail catfish.

Fishing Paradise @ORTO is great for outings for any occasion especially if you are seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. We will definitely be back again!

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily, do check the Facebook page for updates.

Prices: $12 hourly, $60 for 12 hours

Fishing Paradise @ORTO: Unit Number: #01-08 | Tel: (+65) 9632 7626| Email | Facebook

ORTO Park: 81 Lorong Chencharu #01-01 Singapore 769198 | Opens 24hrs Daily | Tel: (+65) 6257 8858 | Email | Website

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