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| On 12 months ago

Getting To Know The Iconic Yet Elusive Oracle Card Readers Of Holland Village

Holland Village is home to mostly cafes, bars and dessert shops. But among the crowds of drinkers and cafe junkies, lies the mysterious oracle card readers.

Some may not even know that they exist, while others only vaguely remember seeing a lady who sits in the darkness under one of the trees.

With a dim portable lamp that only lights up your palm, mysterious couple, Joyous and Jonny, are sometimes there with just a tiny table with a black cloth. They welcome interested individuals who would like to seek a greater understanding of the unknown.

The Search

I spent several hours in the gloomy afternoon waiting for a glimpse of this elusive couple. It almost felt like I was a National Geographic journalist seeking the endangered Snow Leopard.

Asking nearby shopkeepers for sighting information only left me waiting with high hopes, for it is rumoured that they only materialise when dusk approaches.

I only managed to spot Jonny around 8.30pm. I had to wait for the current consultation to end before I could have a private chat with him.

Debunking Their Odd Schedule

In the meantime, Joyous explained why they only come down on selected dates.

Instead of using statistics to check which days of the week have the highest foot traffic at Holland Village, Joyous mentioned that their ‘chosen’ dates are destined by the elements that transcend reality.

Their business seems to literally take on a similar trend to the waxing and waning of the moon. As the moon waxes, their business grows, and dwindles as the moon wanes. And of course, a full moon would bring them the most traffic.

In addition to that, they include the use of the Chinese I-Ching system, a subset of numerology, which also aids in their selection of dates.

Workings of the Chinese I-Ching system.

Reasons For Choosing Holland Village

The couple began this journey four years ago. With humble early beginnings among the makeshift tents in Chinatown, it occurred to them that they were seen as no different from the other fortune tellers.

The majority of their clientele were old folks, who never really had the interest in knowing more about their destiny nor their affinity. They were solely engrossed with striking 4D. The topic of the lottery is quite controversial to these experts.

They claimed to be able to predict winning numbers not just once, but on several occasions. However, they don’t usually give such numbers to clients, as each individual’s luck can change the outcome.

However as they tried out Holland Village as a venue for their business, they discovered the stark contrast in the demographics between Chinatown and Holland Village. They realised that the clientele in Holland Village are more informed and genuinely have an interest in the mystic arts.

With regards to vibrations or feng shui, they claimed Holland Village has “good energy”, so they decided to settle with Holland Village.

Infinity Cards; a type of oracle card

Their Experience With The Occult

Having worked with countless clients, Joyous and Jonny have actually seen their work come to fruition. One of the clients they helped was a man who sought their counsel in the midst of his financial troubles.

His business was taking a toll on his personal savings, and he eventually had to forgo it. He took on a full-time job as a bartender as he squeezed together the little he had for his consultations with Joyous and Jonny. Eventually, he miraculously turned his life around and now owns a renowned bar in Singapore.

As I listened with a tinge of scepticism, Joyous began lamenting that despite the various success stories that have arose from her clients, very few of them were appreciative and most lacked gratitude. “It doesn’t need to be a token of appreciation, some don’t even leave a word of thanks.”

Working in this industry for four years, what was the scariest moment you experienced?

“During our early days, we set up shop at a flea market at Peace Center. I was doing a reading for a 15-year-old girl and I cannot reveal her name to protect her identity. She’s a Chinese though. When she came she was with two other young guys in broad daylight.

While talking to her, my third eye perceived something inside her. It was something like an old lady, very haggard. And instinctively I commanded it to come out. This was when she [referring to the girl] flung herself at me. Like strangling you know? But before she touched me, she just fell and slammed her head on the table and started crying very loudly. Her two friends were so stunned they retracted all the way back to the wall.

So I began having a conversation with the lady [the old haggard one] and it came out of her in broad daylight. Turns out the spirit was trapped within the girl and couldn’t escape. But during then I wasn’t trained in exorcism and all I could do was to assure her and pass her my name card. If anything happens, call me again.”

Despite being gurus in the supernatural realm, they still do face the same difficulties that most of us mere mortals do. One of which would be their technical challenge in setting up their Facebook site and web page, which actually adds to their elusive nature.

The web page has been ‘in progress’ for more than a year, so it seems that it’s only human to face issues like this after all. Interested in the more mystical side of things? If you hang out around Holland Village around dusk, you just might be able to catch the pair!

Oracle Card Readers Joyous & Jonny: Holland Village, Singapore 277700 | Tel: +65 8155 5692 (Joyous) | Tel: +65 9775 3479 (Jonny)

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