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Ofo: Pay Only S$0.50 To Ride A Bicycle Around Singapore For As Long As You Want

Say goodbye to days when you had to pay $7 – $8 per hour to rent a bicycle. This new bike sharing company has come to Singaporean shores with an ‘ofo‘ (offer) that no one can resist.

You may have seen other bike sharing companies around, such as Obike, which charges $1 for half an hour of riding. However, ofo charges only $0.50 per trip, so you don’t have to pay extra even if you use the bicycle for a whole day.

The only catch? There is no docking system so you have to look for ofo bikes around your neighbourhood parks, MRT stations, or even on the streets. Once you spot a bike, just use the ofo app and enter the bike number to unlock it.

It is a free and easy system, with no restraints or obligations on where to park the bicycle after you are done using it, as long as do not create an obstruction.

The only downside is that there is no GPS tracking as of now, so finding an ofo bicycle is more of a chance encounter than a decision you make. However, with several thousand bikes in circulation, and dedicated docking stations in some MRT stations, you might be able to find one close to you.

I am personally really excited to try it out for myself, especially since ofo is giving out a free ride for every trip you complete. Take advantage of this offer by downloading the app now!

And please, let’s for once be considerate about something. Treat the ofo bikes with love and care and of course, don’t hog them.

Price: $0.50 per trip

ofo: Download the app from Apple Store, Google Play | Facebook | Website

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