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| On 2 years ago

Nissin Launches Tokyo Shoyu & Kyushu Black Flavours To Curb Your Ramen Cravings

Nothing hits the spot quite like indulging in a piping hot bowl of instant noodles every now and then. And nobody does it better than the pioneer of noodles, Nissin.

This time, we are treated to Nissin Ramen available in Tokyo Shoyu and Kyushu Black flavours, which will be available this May 2019 at major supermarkets and convenience stores.

Each instant noodle bowl is packed with springy ramen accompanied by a rich broth, leaving you craving for more. The Tokyo Shoyu is light in flavour with hints of bonito, making it the perfect meal anywhere, anytime.

On the other hand, the Kyushu Black ramen has a strong garlicky fragrance that was really appealing. Eating the springy ramen together with the well-seasoned broth was really satisfying and I could imagine the comfort it brings on a gloomy rainy day. With this Kyushu Black ramen, it spares you the hassle of going to a restaurant when you can satisfy your ramen cravings within the comfort of your home.

With their unique flavours, I’m sure Nissin Ramen will be a favourite among the younger generation. As someone that spends hours in front of the computer screen, these noodles are a godsend for my hunger pangs and ramen cravings. Better snag these noodles off the shelves before they disappear soon.

Dates & Times: Available this May 2019 at major supermarkets and convenience stores

Nissin Foods: Website| Facebook

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