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Nike Releases A New Taiwan Exclusive AF-1 Colourway

My fellow sneakerheads, we are blessed with yet another colourway for the classic Air Force 1 Shadow(AF-1).

Credit – FRUITION Instagram

Named in reference to the American President’s private plane, the shoe first came into conception in 1982 as the ‘Air Force’. The classic white shoe was never meant to be continued and was initially shelved in 1984. The AF-1 was reintroduced in 1982 with the modern italic Swoosh that we’re all familiar with.

With an estimated more than 1,700 colourway variations, the pastel colour scheme is one of the newest colourways that has been released so far in January 2020.

The new AF-1 Shadow colourway is a pastel daydream. Sporting hues of purple, pink, blue and green, the shoe is further complimented with the word ‘AIR’ on an orange midsole. The materials of the shoe are made out of leather, patented leather and matte plastic.

Credit – FRUITION Instagram

The standout of this particular iteration is the translucent Swoosh layered on-top of the classic AF-1 Swoosh. It also has the 2020 totem embossed onto the leather heel.

The Air Force 1 exists in many different forms, with Shadow being one of the most popular silhouettes of them all.

The fact that there are a plethora of colourways across the Air Force 1 range is truly quite a magnificent feat in creativity and expression.

Credit – FRUITION Instagram

It seems that this pastel colourway is a Taiwan exclusive and can be bought from Fruition for $4000 NT (S$ 180.61).

Price: $4000 NT (S$180.61)

Where to buy: Fruition

 Address: No. 6號, Alley 35, Lane 181, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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