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Nekoya Cat Hotel: Board Your Kitties At Singapore’s First Cats-Only Capsule Hotel On Changi Road

Nekoya Cat Hotel is a cat-only pet boarding within Centropod @ Changi, where you can place your fur kid in the trusty hands of Debrah, who is the owner of the hotel, along with a team of staff who are avid cat lovers as well.

I felt at ease almost immediately after stepping into the clean, minimalist space — the hotel was designed to emulate a cozy home, and it has definitely achieved that. Debrah herself has seven cats at home, a testament to the vast knowledge she holds on how to care for your feline friend.

Goodbyes are the hardest, and to make that a little easier, the hotel’s entrance is filled with treats, food, toys and other knick-knacks to pamper your kitty; I guess cats would probably find the new toys and treats better alternatives to silly hooman kisses.

Designed similar to a capsule hotel, there are a total of 15 well-ventilated rooms and if you’re wondering, there is no difference in prices for the three levels. More often than not, the cats that are older in age are placed at the bottom for easy accessibility.

If you’re afraid that your hyper-energetic cat will escape its room at night, the glass doors are locked when it’s time to sleep, so they’ll be safe.

Unless the cats are siblings, they are each given a room (S$39/night) of their own, providing them with optimal privacy, while overlooking a tranquil view outside.

The white walls and minimalist wooden furnishing resemble a Muji-inspired home, and each cabin is cleaned daily. I’ve visited a couple of pet boarding places before, and nothing was quite like Nekoya’s attention to the level of hygiene and cleanliness.

This was especially evident in the management of the odour in a fully air-conditioned space, with no lingering kitty-litter smell. The use of a deodoriser helped ensure that fresh, clean air flowed throughout as well.

For cats that are feeling a little anxious during their first stay, a cute little curtain can be added across the glass window to ensure minimal disturbance. But most of the time, the curtain has little use once the cats get used to the environment.

Each cabin is sectioned into three parts: an area for play, a partition for cat litter, and an upper deck for lounging or eating (depending on your cat’s preference).

You can even spruce up the space with your cat’s favourite blanket, toys, and food bowls for a little more sense of home. A full menu is available for purchase on the website, consisting of wholesome meals that are grain, wheat, corn and gluten free.

But of course, feel free to bring along your cat’s usual staples if it has a specific diet or is picky about its food.

Once the rooms are occupied, Debrah will hand-draw a card with her guests’ name, along with a short write-up on its personality and eating habits.

While there is ample alone time, the cats are far from lonely as the stay also includes complimentary private play time. Each of them are allocated a dedicated time to come out of their rooms, roam around the hotel’s premises, and play with the staff.

With plenty of plush cushions to go around, a little cat house and a teepee to hide in, the cats are free to do as they please during playtime.

Caramel here obviously loves leaning against the glass window, watching the world go by.

The rest of the time, he’s just amused by the teaser toy. Too adorable!

The cats are let out on rotation, so they’ll each get at least three sessions of private playtime a day, spanning about 20 – 30 minutes each time, which is more than sufficient for some stretching and exercise.

For a more comprehensive stay, you can even top up for spa services (S$10 onward), which include grooming, powder baths, facial cleanses and nail clipping, so your kitty can go home looking and smelling great.

I know how important it is to have daily photo updates to know if my little furball is coping while I am away from him — Nekoya Cat Hotel provides this service at a low rate of S$5 daily for three private photos or videos which is a small fee to pay to keep your mind at ease.

— —

Debrah started the Nekoya Cat Hotel with the intention of giving cat owners peace of mind while they travel, and her returning guests are proof of that.

If you’re intending to board your cat, do note that it is by appointment only so that there is ample time for your cat to familiarise itself with the hotel’s environment. That way, you’ll be reducing its stress as well.

Long-term stays of more than 30 days are provided too, from S$20 a night.

Prices: Boarding starts at S$20 – S$39/night

Nekoya Cat Hotel: 80 Changi Rd, The Centropod #02-03 , Singapore 419715 | Tel: +65 6910 6260 | Opening Hours: 9:30am – 12:30pm, 1:30pm – 7:30pm (Daily) | Website | Facebook

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