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Meet Naucrates by ARTVZ: The Luggage You Can Drive On & Even Follows You

It’s a mad rush at the airport. You’re running late for your flight. Your luggage handle is close to being wrecked (yet again). And your arms ache from all that carry on. Sounds all too familiar? It surely is. Then you wonder, “If only there exists a hand carry luggage that automatically follows me around- or better yet, that I can ride on as I go”. And there is! The Naucrates by ARTVZ does exactly that.

They say if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is most of the time. But luckily, this mysterious dream luggage is more than real, it’s legit. Just thinking about what it can do excites me, almost like meeting a dog that can do an impressive slew of tricks.

Naturally, the first nifty yet totally unnecessary function is its ability to let us ride it, and for 7km while you’re at it, before it needs to be charged again.

Just pop a button, and a footpeg on each side slips out for you to rest your feet while you ride. So if you’re the kind to easily get weary legs, or know someone who could use some relief while travelling, Naucrates’ your guy (or girl, I don’t want to gender it).

As for it’s Smart Follow feature, the luggage is able to follow you around for a distance of 10km, with you controlling it via the mobile app or physical controller. And just like that Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the ARTVZ luggage, too, has an in-built obstacle avoidance mechanism. Pretty smart, aye?

To top it all off, it’s equipped with a solid security system to ensure that all your belongs are always kept safe and sound. For starters, an alarm will be triggered if it’s more than 10m away from your controller/phone, so if anyone dares to try any funny business, it’s game over for them. Plus, the luggage can only be unlocked with your fingerprint, so rest assured that its safety is literally in your hands.

Check out this video on how the Naucrates works:

Price: $499 USD (approx. S$676.47), additional $15 USD (approx S$20.33) for international shipping 

Naucrates by ARTVZ: Ride-on and Side Follow Smart Luggage | Website

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