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Children’s Biennale 2017: Experience This Art Exhibition ‘OOTD-Style’ At The National Gallery Till 8 Oct

With the room full of polka dots and huge illuminated balls flooding your Instagram feed, you must be itching to get to the National Gallery to check out the first ever Children’s Biennale exhibition.

It will be ongoing from 20 May to 8 October 2017 so don’t be too worried about not getting the best out of this stunning exhibition before it ends, you still have time!

During my recent visit, I finally realised how to properly appreciate such art exhibitions. The beautiful aesthetics are definitely too good to be missed.

In my attempt to get Instagram-worthy shots (but of course) of my experience, I had to get more interactive and creative with the installations. To help you guys out, I’ve compiled a series of exhibition-exclusive tips for you to appreciate the Children’s Biennale ‘OOTD’ (outfit of the day) – style.

Let’s get real – you know you’re going to take photos, so might as well make them good.

Homogenising And Transforming World

The exhibition is divided into sections, and you have to make a stop at the ‘Homogenising And Transforming World’. Brightly-lit inflatable balls create a spatial maze for you to navigate through and find the perfect spots to get your shot.

With only three minutes in the space and a crowd with you in the room, I suggest that you find a spot which covers at least the bottom half of your body and get your photographer (a.k.a unwilling friend) stationed at the opposite end to capture the perfect photo.

To avoid the crowd, head towards the exit first and get pictures there before everyone else comes up with the same idea.

I loved how the installation plays with a gradient of pastels and vibrant colours that will give you a mix of warm and vibrant photos for your feed.

Use the burst function on your iPhone to capture the changing gradient of colours. The fun part is getting the balls to change its colours — something that you will only find out when you get to the installation!

Obliteration Room

Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room is a space for all the creative polka dot artists out there. Using various sizes of coloured polka dot stickers, I felt like a contributing artist to this installation.

This installation has tons of potential for creative work with your stickers and photos. You could look right at home with the furniture (dinner table, couch etc.) on display or even look like an artist in action.

If the crowd gets too crazy, find a corner with an abundance of polka dots to get your shots. Be sure to plan your outfit before hand  — white and nude colours go very well with the vibrant coloured polka dots.

This Changed My Life

‘This Changed My Life’ by Lynn Lu is inspired by the practice of some nomadic communities who make a note of important events on strings. Write down a significant memory on a piece of ribbon and stretch it across the room to contribute to the artwork.

Tie your ribbon in the middle of the room and get your photographer to stand right outside the window (you’ll know which one) to capture your best candid moments.

Choosing what to focus on (ribbons or humans) could also give way to another exciting dimension for your shot.

Get arty-farty with the pastel-coloured ribbons for a poetic shot!

The Sonnet In Blue

Walk further down to the Supreme Court wing and immerse yourself in a maze of handmade plastic flowers with handwritten poems and words penned by young students from all around Southeast Asia.

Take a moment to appreciate the words of these young dreamers and reminisce about the days where you still had lofty and crazy dreams.

This exhibition is still an ideal spot for photos even when it gets crowed as it has small cages and various spots for you to play with. With varying levels, embrace the quirkiness of this installation and snap away!

Extra Snippets

I don’t want to disclose too much of the exhibition, but here are other possible snapshots that you could draw inspiration from for the remaining installations at the Children’s Biennale.

There are some great shots to be had even just around the museum itself!

Around The Museum

There is so much more than just the Children’s Biennale exhibition in the National Gallery and you should play with the aesthetics of the interior and the other permanent exhibitions.

I especially enjoyed how the various installations of the Children’s Biennale were spaced out so that visitors would have to walk through and explore every nook and cranny of the National Gallery to enjoy the full exhibition.

Experiencing the Children’s Biennale this time round with a challenge to capture the best ‘OOTD shots’ created a much more interactive and enjoyable experience for us.

Head over to the National Gallery to catch Yayoi Kusama’s new exhibit “Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow” for crazier and funkier installations along with the Children’s Biennale.

Dates & Time: Now till 8 October 2017, Refer to National Gallery’s Opening Hours 

Prices: Admission is FREE 

National Gallery Children’s Biennale 2017: 1 Saint Andrew’s Road, #01–01, Singapore 178957 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Thurs) 10am – 7pm, (Fri & Sat) 10am – 10pm, (Sun) 10am – 7pm | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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