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Catch Nathan Hartono’s Electrifying First Chinese Single《爱超给电》Debut On 9 Feb

Hold on to your seats, everyone! Sing! China runner-up Nathan Hartono (向洋) is set to blow us away with his first Chinese single《爱超给电》this 9 February 2018.

Credit – Warner Music Singapore

Venturing into Mandopop is a first for this heart-throb singer-songwriter. After Jay Chou’s mentorship in Sing! China, this is a whole new direction for Nathan Hartono.

Fans will remember his 2016 single Electricity, a feel-good pop song that’ll have you bobbing your head to the beat. Loosely translated as ‘Electric Love’, 《爱超给电》is the refreshed Mandarin version of his catchy single.

Credit – Warner Music Singapore

This single will be one of five tracks on his new, fully Mandarin EP to be released later this year. If you’ve enjoyed his jazzy songs, love ballads and snazzy dance moves, the EP will have songs both familiar and new that you’ll love.

You won’t want to miss this electrifying new single, so grab your Milo Peng, sit back and enjoy!

Dates: 7 February 2018 in China, 9 February 2018 for the rest of the world

Listen to Nathan Hartono’s《爱超给电》: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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