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Nail Deck: Customize Your Very Own Unique Nail Polish Shade And Name It After Yourself

Now you can have a bespoke nail polish colour created and named after yourself! In under 10 minutes, you’ll be walking home with a unique shade, all bottled and packed at Nail Deck.

The girls at Hype & Stuff are nail polish addicts; if one day you find us without colours on our nails, you’d know something is very wrong (or our bank accounts have run dry).

The idea of having our very own unique colour got us excited so we knew we had pay Nail Deck a visit.

There are two ways to extract your desired hue — if there’s a dress, bag, or pair of shoes that you would like to match your nail colour with, you can bring it down to the pop up store. Using a CUBE (Portable Colour Digitizer) by SwatchMate, the colourist will place it on top of the surface and capture the colour.

The other way would be by letting them know your inspirations or rough ideas so that they can blend the colours accordingly and match it as closely as desired.

Pictured above are some of the colour swatches that Nail Deck has created thus far, both by customers and of their own accord. Everything is recorded so you could always come back and request to have your colour recreated and bottled again. How thoughtful is that?

We settled on creating Hype & Stuff’s orangey-yellow logo, which is a mix of white, yellow and red. All quantities were accurately measured by an apparatus.

You can have it in 5ml or 10ml bottles, and it will be premixed as a sample until the colours are combined evenly.

Warm and cool lights are provided at the station where you can test the colour and make adjustments for it to be in a darker or lighter shade. Rest assured that the colour doesn’t look different indoors and outdoors.

Once the nail colour has set, it’ll be poured into a glass bottle. You can then unleash your creativity and come up with all sorts of names for it.

We stuck to labelling it with our site’s name — if you like what you see, just let the colourist know you want the “Hype & Stuff” nail lacquer. *Ehem* Chinese New Year is around the corner, doesn’t it kinda remind you of mandarin oranges?

Nail Deck ensures that its brush is catered to Singaporean ladies’ nail size. Unlike other brands in the market, the smaller 5ml bottles comes with the exact same brush as well, so you don’t have to struggle painting with tiny, little bristles.

The colour might initially come off slightly thin and light, so you may want to give it two or three coats for a darker and thicker hue.

In a jiffy, we were given a 10ml bottle, along with a cute, small paper bag to carry our customized nail lacquer around in.

Simultaneously, the name of our nail polish was printed on the spot, and labelled at the back of the bottle. We thought it would be a tad prettier if it was printed in a clear sticker like its logo though. Nonetheless, it felt nice to know that this was all done by us and with the help of our colourist.

If you’re thinking of what to get for your bestie this Christmas, why not have it done in her favourite colour and name it after her — I would shriek in delight if I got one as a gift.

Hop on down to Nail Deck for your very own bespoke lacquer, the handy 5ml bottle goes for $11, and the 10ml ones are priced at $16. If you’re undecided on the colour you want, you could always pick from the colour palettes or get Rudolph’s Nose: The colour of the month in a sultry, cheeky shade of red.

Nail Deck will have its store in EsBoudoir, Vivo City till the end of December. Our colourist told us that they’re looking into extending their stay there, otherwise an update of their whereabouts can be found on their website.

Alternatively, you can download the Nail Deck app on the Apple Store, snap a picture of your favourite colour, adjust to the perfect shade and have them customize it.

I’m already looking forward to and planning my next visit! Do make an appointment before dropping by.

Expected damage: $11 – $16 

Nail Deck: No.1 Harbourfront Walk, Vivo City #02-227, Singapore 098585 (Within EsBoudoir) | Website | Facebook | Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 7pm

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