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Muji Hut: A Tiny Getaway House For The Minimalist Hipsters In Japan Launching In Autumn 2017

It’s ridiculous how Japan comes up with the most interesting creations; the Muji Hut is the latest invention that has me wishing that I live in Japan.

Designed as a place for tiny weekend getaways, the space is a mere 10 square meters. If you’re into the minimalist lifestyle, this will suit you perfectly.

The interior is made of untreated cedar so you can leave it as is for that raw look, or customise it to your preference. I’m a little hesitant to live in such a small space, but I can’t deny that it would be a super cool addition to my Instagram feed.

The Muji Hut is going on sale in Japan in autumn 2017, and will retail for 3,000,000 yen (approximately S$37,300). There’re no plans for sales outside of Japan as of now, but we can continue hoping!

Price: 3,000,000 yen (approximately S$37,300)

Muji Hut: Available in Japan, Autumn 2017 | Website

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