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MOX: Delve Into The Local Art Scene & Unleash Your Inner Artist At Katong

Ever wondered what it’s like to be involved in the arts and crafts community?

The art of craft-making might seem like an elusive sphere in the typically corporate and unyielding way of life in Singapore. But hey, whoever said arts and crafts had to be for hipsters and the artsy-fartsy outliers only?

Located just a stone’s throw from our favourite Katong hangout spots and eateries at Katong Point on 451 Joo Chiat Rd, is an unassuming building awfully similar to your regular shopping malls. But don’t be put off by its insipid aesthetics, as it is truly a rare gem worthy of your expedition into the local creative industry.

We all know how specialty craft retail stores, creative exhibitions and workspaces are hard to come by. However, at MOX, you’ll find a collaboration of the local arts community all under one roof. You don’t have to be a crafter or creative retailer to have fun at this communal arts space either; it’s all about letting your creativity flow!

Not sure where to start? Why not give their craft-making workshops a go!

The vibrant community of art crafters at MOX conduct enthralling craft-making workshops for the general public. While we aren’t the most artistic people around, we decided to try our hands at some of these eye-opening sessions.

Always wanted to make your own flower pot cake? Let your creativity blossom at Cakerholic.

This might just seem like your regular cake store, but venture a little further, and you’ll find a kitchenette where like-minded bakers can come together to cook up a storm!

We had a blast with the hands-on experience of making the flower pot cake. I mean, how often do you actually get the chance to bake your very own cake… without messing up?

If baking just isn’t your thing, why not take a seat and enjoy the exquisite, artisanal cakes on sale at the store? Resist the mouthful of sweet temptations, said no one ever!

We absolutely dug the aesthetics here at Cakerholic. Why not take an Insta-worthy shot with your creations to top off your creative experience?

Or how about a street art experience with spray painting? Make a beeline for Utama.

From the makers of Utama themselves, you’ll find many canvas pieces here inspired by modern graphic arts. Spray painting is a relatively novel medium, especially with the prohibitions on street art in Singapore.

At MOX, you’re not bound by rigid rules. Creative street art is allowed anywhere and everywhere in this building. Yes, a piece of my art is now marked on the walls of this establishment forever!

Many people associate graffiti with vandalism, but it is really just an atypical art form that promotes the freedom of expression regardless of where you are. We totally fancied this awesome spray painting experience, without having to worry about the po-po.

Looking for something calming and mild? Attempt crafting a personalised potpourri at this unique flower bar by Hello Flowers!

A vast variety of dried flowers is available for your selection, so go ahead and pick out your best combination.

Finish off with a couple drops of essence oil.

Give it a good shake and you’re good to go! Who knew creating your own potpourri was that simple?

Did you know, Hello Flowers! is also a social initiative to help empower disadvantaged women in the society? Craft-making skills are being passed on to these women, and the proceeds from the sale of these items go back to helping these women out. Talk about a business for a good cause!

At MOX, there are also a couple of co-making craft spaces for creative individuals to work on their personal art projects.

Take for instance, the 3D Printing Room, where members of the public can book a time slot to transform their conceptual pieces into a physical manifestation with the help of the facilitators. Where else in Singapore can you get such easy access to the latest 3D printing technology?

Any aspiring fashion designers out there?

You’ll be glad to know that MOX has a full fledged supply of sewing machines, mannequins and threads for your utilisation. They’ve even got the seamstresses behind major fashion powerhouses as your facilitators. All you need to do is bring your ideas. 


Whether it’s craft-making workshops, retail stores, showcases and perhaps even a workspace for artistic production you’re after, you’ll be able to find it all at MOX. Even for those without artistic flair, arts and craft can be pretty manageable. Craft-making isn’t that difficult, after all!

We’re pretty sure this concept of a social, communal arts establishment is about to make waves in the local arts scene here in Singapore. Why not head down and try it yourself?

MOX: Katong Point, 451 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427664 | Website | Facebook

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