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8 Professional Midnight Services In Singapore For The Procrastinator – Haircut, Printing & Even Pet Grooming

Maybe you’re not someone who’s a self-proclaimed night owl, or you’re not big on the nightlife. However, we can’t deny that there may be times when we procrastinate and forget that there’s something we need done by the next working day.

Below is a list of midnight professional services in Singapore we can count on for last-minute chores and some that we can rely on to, ahem, satisfy our most pressing needs.

1. Atatcutz Singapore Saloon

Credit – Atatcutz Singapore

Men, here’s something for you. Imagine this. You’re mindlessly swiping left and right on Tinder when suddenly, that cute girl you matched with asks you out at 9pm for supper but you look a right, hot mess. Fret not. Here’s a place where you can sort out your hair worries out.

Atatcutz Singapore: 348 Bedok Market Place, Simpang Bedok, #01-04, Singapore 469560, +65 8838 1292, Opening Hours: 11:30am to 12am, Monday to Sunday and Fridays 3pm to 2am

2. MimiBox Sex Toy Vending Machine

Credit – Yelp

This fully automated self-service vending machine sells sex toys of different colours, shapes, and sizes. The vending machine is located in a shop manned by multiple CCTV cameras and you have to be 18 and above to purchase anything from the machine.

The prices range from S$29.90 to S$99.90 and payment can be made via cash or card. It’s a useful service to have especially if you’re uncomfortable walking into a physical shop and having a full-on conversation with someone about needing products to satiate your urges. Personal needs aside, the vending machine also makes for a good gift shop for a last-minute Hen’s Night event.

MimBox Singapore: Le Regal, 340 Geylang Road, #01-18, Singapore 388365

3. Prince Image Consultant Saloon

The owner of Prince Image Consultant originates from China. Her aim was to bring over the idea of late-night beauty care services which mostly cater to working professionals and are apparently very common back home.

Mothers, this is good news for you too! Put your child to sleep and sashay over for some much-needed pampering. Get a haircut or even an express manicure done for a touch of self-care.

Prince Image Consultant: 518 Geylang Road, Aljunied, Singapore 389478, +65 6509 6686

4. Laundrymart

The advent of automated laundry machines is a convenience that’s beginning to pop up in every neighbourhood in Singapore. It is a luxury we never knew we needed—until we need to wash a whole basket load of bed sheets, quilt covers, and blankets.

Laundrymart goes one step further by offering 24-hour dry-cleaning services and an island-wide delivery for your items (minimum of four pieces).

Dry cleaning prices range from S$6 for a simple blouse to S$100 for a wedding gown, S$3 to S$16 for bedding and S$7 to S$14 for curtains per kilogram, with the option for dismantling and re-installation available.

Laundrymart services are available across various outlets.

5. Musa 24-Hour Printing Services

Credit – Musa 24 Hour Printing

With most printing shops only open during the day, this is a service I definitely would have found useful during my school days. Located in Punggol, Musa’s 24-Hour Printing service caters to the academic procrastinators with its wide range of printing services.

Just make sure you pre-book and make your payment in advance through cash, bank transfer, I-banking or Paypal. They’ll process your work as soon as the payment is made and you can collect it anytime at their outlet or opt for their door-to-door delivery service with a minimum order of S$10.

Musa 24-Hour Printing: 122 Edgedale Plains, Singapore 821122, +65 9889 6472 (Whatsapp), Website

6. 24-Hour City Florist

Credit – 24 Hour City Florist

We’ve all been there. It’s 10 pm, and you’re fresh out of a fight with your significant other or you’ve forgotten to get something special for your mum’s birthday. There’s nothing like a bouquet of fresh flowers to pacify an angry partner or a disappointed mother.

Enter 24-Hour City Florist—a brick-and-mortar store located in Lavender. With a huge array of bouquets and arrangements for any occasion (both online and in-store), you’ll be spoilt for choice. Place your orders by 8 pm for same-day delivery island-wide or self-collect at their store.

24-Hour City Florist: 161 Lavender Street, #01-05, Singapore 338750, +65 6396 4222, Website

7. Privileged Pets Mobile Grooming Services

Credit – Ramblingrobbins.com

If you’ve got furkids of your own, then you’ll relate to the amount of love and care you have to give them daily. However, we’ve all got our own jobs and schedules to adhere to. Also, it can be quite hard to find a groomer that we trust with our own pet.

Privileged Pets understands pet-owners’ concerns. They have set up a home-based pet grooming service where you get to watch and learn more about the personalised grooming experience they’ll prepare for your pet. Plus, they are a 24-hour mobile grooming service!

Privileged Pets: Website

8. ICA 24-Hour Passport Renewal Service

Credit – Youtube

Recently announced in May 2019, the ICA is intending to build a 24-hour passport renewal service to make renewing passports less of a hassle. It will be located in a newly built 24-hour integrated services centre and construction is estimated to begin in January 2020.

Singaporeans can expect to collect their documents (both NRIC and passports) without the hassle of making an appointment with an ICA officer. It only takes 15 minutes and everything is self-service.

Although the service isn’t out yet and won’t be until approximately 2023, it’s definitely a much-needed benefit we’ll be looking forward to.

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