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Lovin’ Your Macs? Here’s What Your McDonald’s Themed Home Will Look Like

Life is uncertain and we often seek and are attracted to things that ground us, may that be a habit or food, we all have our own kind of security blanket that will provide us with the stability and comfort that we need. So I would not say that Singaporeans were not being dramatic when McDonald’s had to shut down its services on 19 April 2020.

The closure lasted until 11 May 2020 and now our favourite golden arches are back via delivery and takeaways. I’ll give it to our people, we are go-getters and we will do whatever it takes to get what we want. As expected, when McDonald’s re-opened, we were quick to queue for our takeaways, safely, with social distancing measures in place.

Also, remember this idiot who complained about Singaporeans queuing up for takeaway when he was doing the exact same thing?

Imagine loving McDonald’s so much that you would have it plastered all over your home, in a minimalistic way of course. FIF Singapore, a furniture retailer, recently posted on their Facebook page on what appears to be renderings of a very realistic McDonald’s home.

This home is decorated with the classic McDonald’s colours of red, yellow, and black. The universal golden arches are painted as an accent against a black wall in the living room, the bathroom door has the stick figure decals that we’re familiar with, and perhaps the most iconic of them all—a green accent wall featuring the ingredients of a Big Mac.

Would you ever take your love to such extremes? Personally, living in a McDonald’s themed house will just make me crave for this beloved fast-food 24/7.

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