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Good News and Bad News. McDonald’s Limited-Edition 40th Anniversary Happy Meal Toys Are Coming Back To Singapore. Sadly, It Won’t Be Available to Purchase.

McDonald’s Limited-Edition 40th Anniversary Happy Meal Toys will be making a comeback in Singapore as part of Happy Meal’s 40th birthday celebrations this year. Can someone say #throwback?

Unluckily, the playthings will not be given out. There is a giveaway competition currently occurring hosted in conjunction with TODAY. If you wish to get your hands on these, by all means, go forth and enter their contest.

But hey, don’t click off just yet. We invite you to reminisce about these adorable little miniatures with us.

Credit: McDonald’s

15 of McDonald’s most iconic vintage Happy Meal Toys from the last 40 years will be brought back to life. Do the names Hamburglar, Grimace, Power Ranger, Bugs Bunny, My Little Pony and Furby ring a bell? I’m sure they do and I bet you’re squealing inside.

I can imagine the fond sighs of the 80s and 90s kids reading this as we reminiscence our childhood days. Huddling together as we enjoy our warm meals, playing with our classic character toys.

Credit: McDonald’s

The Happy Meal was first launched in 1979 where it quickly gained popularity for its fun red packaging filled with exciting goodies and scrumptious treats. I’ve known so many people, my age or even much older, who’ve had birthday parties held at their friendly neighbourhood McDonald’s outlets when they were younger. Kind of as if it were a rite of passage.

Credit: McDonald’s

What is every Singaporean’s favourite pastime? Food? Wrong. it’s queueing. You can bet you’ll see long lines of people of all ages racing to snag a few of these nostalgic collectables.

Credit – AFP News

They’re probably gonna mark it up way higher than its selling price on Carousell, we’ve seen it before. You know who you are.

McDonald’s Limited-Edition 40th Anniversary Happy Meal Toys: McDonald’s Outlet Listing

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