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Maybelline China Releases Mickey-Themed Make Up For The Year Of The Rat

I am honestly always looking forward to holiday-themed products. It amazes me at how despite the fact that these holidays have been celebrated over and over for so many years, companies will never cease to come up with new designs every year. Previously Christmas and now Chinese New Year, creativity truly never ends.

Credit – Maybelline

In the spirit of the year of the Rat, Maybelline China has released a plethora of Disney’s Micky Mouse themed make-up.

Four different products are released in this collection, a mini eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, foundation cushion and an eyeliner.

Credit – Maybelline

The packaging of the products is consistent throughout the collection with the iconic Mickey head silhouette lined in a neon light-like design. On top of the Mickey-shaped head, the colour red is also auspiciously used throughout the packaging and products as well.

The mini eyeshadow pallet sports six different shades and comes with an applicator – there are three regular shiny shades and three super sparkly colours.

Credit – 北京晚报时尚 Weibo & Maybelline

There are four lipstick shades in this collection, with the Mickey head embossed into the lipstick itself. An interesting detail that even I, as someone who rarely wears make-up, would like to purchase one of the lipsticks out of curiosity.

Unfortunately, these products are China-exclusive—you can visit their listings on Taobao or Maybelline China’s VIP site to make a purchase.

Price: Varies as each platform offers different prices and bundles, starting at ¥119 (S$23.20) 

Maybelline China | Taobao | vip

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