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Maybe Asia Lets You Rent A Date In Singapore For S$60-S$200 – For Both Men & Ladies

There’s a new company called Maybe Asia that allows you to rent a date for S$60-S$200. Maybe sparks will fly?

Whether you are looking to escape the nagging by elders to find a partner, or simply desire the company of  a date, Maybe has got you covered. This is going to come in useful for Chinese New Year or family gatherings.

The concept of rent-a-date might be familiar to some as it is inspired from ‘rent-a-friend‘ services overseas. It’s a huge thing in Japan, with rent-a-family businesses booming. Buy Maybe Asia prefers to be labelled a ‘grab-a-date’ service instead. Same, same but different.

Priding themselves on incentivised dating, Maybe Asia provides the convenience of choosing a partner you desire, for both Men and Ladies.

Credit – Maybe Asia

Similar to dating applications, the website displays the profiles of potential dates with information such as their self-introduction, height, availability and personal information.

Maybe Asia seems to gravitate towards the idea of paying for a safe, confirmed date with their strict set of rules, rather than a traditional dating site or app like Tinder which doesn’t require any commitments upfront.

The company has a zero tolerance towards physical contact and accept only meet-ups in public places to safeguard their dates. It’s like regular dating but on easy mode.

Their recommended meet-up activities are also really friend-centric ranging from cafe-meetups to watching movies. For those who are too awkward to ask someone out randomly or just need a friend, Maybe Asia just might be for you. Hopefully, you won’t be friend-zoned if you’re already buying dinner.

Dates & Times: Available now on Maybe Asia

Prices: For more information, check out their website

Maybe Asia: Website

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