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Mansplaining Defined in Antique Paintings — Hilarious Book Captures Eye-Rolling Feeling To the Tee

As a man, I don’t deny that some of us, when surrounded by other women, tend to deliberately behave in a certain way to make ourselves seem superior to the opposite gender. Perhaps it’s a natural reflex for some—a burning desire to always want to prove something to others, particularly females, in order to mask a deep-seated insecurity lying within. Or perhaps it’s a learned behaviour, one that is picked up by observing the patterns of other males.

Either way, I try not to judge, for we all go through different experiences in life that shape our character, but as a bystander, I can relate to why such behaviours can be such an annoying and repulsive thing to the witness.

A writer, by the name of Nicole Tersigni, has perfectly encapsulated the essence of this feeling in her new book, titled Men To Avoid In Art And In Life. After witnessing countless accounts of mansplaining on Twitter one day, Nicole Googled photos of women surrounded by men to create memes that best captures her feelings towards this condescending attitude.

Credit – Chronicle Books

What she found were numerous neoclassical paintings of women encircled by men with an expression she could relate to so well, so she added some witty, accompanying text and turned them into memes. Instantly, they went viral on twitter, as women all over the world humorously but unfortunately relate to the grim and eye-rolling expressions of those women in the paintings.

Credit – Chronicle Books

The memes were such a success, they were compiled and published as a physical book, which has no shortage of comedic tones. Alongside a foreword written by comedian Jen Kirkman, it sardonically features paintings exclusively by male artists. The book is available for purchase online for US$14.95, but is currently out of stock.

Credit – Chronicle Books

Get a copy of the book here.

Price: US$14.95

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