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| On 1 year ago

This Smart Planter Shows You What Your Plant Needs Through Emotion Expressions

Credit- Lua

Ever struggled to keep a plant alive, no matter how hard you tried to take care of it? Meet Lua, the smart planter. Now you can know exactly how your plant is ‘feeling’ and what it needs.

Credit- Lua

Lua is perfect for those who never have luck with keeping their plants alive. Think of it as your lil’ gardening assistant that checks everything your plant needs, from moisture to sunlight. The plant pot can be controlled through an app, making things super easy for you. All you’ll have to do is download the Lua App. After setting up, simply let Lua read the generated QR code!

Credit- Lua

Lua has five senses: moisture, temperature, exposure, movement and QR code reader. This smart planter display 15 different animations- six of which are directly related to your plant’s health.

Credit- Lua

The six essential animations are thirsty, sick, vampire, squint, cold and hot.

Credit- Lua

Lua the smart planter comes in three colours- sunflower, eggplant and agave. Each retails at S$228. However, thanks to a current promotion, each pot retails at S$151! Click here to check it out.

Credit- Lua

Let’s face it. Some of can’t even keep plants alive, no matter how hard we try. I’d say Lua the smart planter is a pretty great invention. Plus, its really cute.

Price: S$151

Lua Smart Planter: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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