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Lomography Simple Use Camera: 3 New Disposable Cameras That You Can Reload With Film Rolls

Disposable cameras have been around forever, but less and less people are using them these days.

Lomography has recently announced that it will be introducing three new disposable camera models; the Simple Use Camera series is a bit of a surprise and definitely something to excite all you hipsters.

The three models come with different films pre-loaded: normal colour film, black and white film and a special LomoChrome Purple film that adds purple hues to your shots! If that isn’t enough, each camera comes with three different colour gel flash filters that you can use to tint your shots.

The best part about these cameras? You can actually open up the cameras and load a new roll of film in it. Granted, any damage isn’t covered under warranty, but the fact that you can reuse the camera makes it a lot more environmentally friendly and wallet friendly.

The cameras can be bought on the Lomography website.

Price: S$25.90 – S$32.90

Lomography Simple Use Camera: Available Online | Website | Facebook

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