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Happy Shower Hour With Spa Esprit & Compendium ‘Gin & Detox’ Shower Gel

Who can resist a good Gin and Tonic? Not me, that’s for sure. Now, what if you could enjoy this flavourful spirit in the shower without the hangover?

Wouldn’t that be an absolute game-changer?

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Spa Esprit, in collaboration with Compendium, a local distillery that produces premium spirits and alcohols in Singapore, has teamed up to create the Gin and Detox Plantation Shower Gel.

And let me assure you, it smells divine.

The home-grown brand Spa Esprit is very much a champion of supporting all things local, thus the unique creation of this shower gel with Compendium, a distillery that aims to capture Singapore’s flavours in a bottle.

The Rojak Gin is the main inspiration behind the shower gel. With a combination of ingredients such as juniper berries, lemon peel and torch ginger (another name for the rojak flower) overwhelm your senses in the best way possible with these highly curated ingredients.

Credit – Press Release

This invigorating shower gel is not only refreshing but also cleanses the skin and detoxifies the body all at once.

The list of benefits are endless, the Torch Ginger essential oils aid in blood circulation, the juniper berries remove fluid retention, the scent of lemon uplifts your senses, and Clary Sage tops off the blend with its calming and soothing properties.

On top of enjoying the Rojak gin as a spirit and in the Gin and Detox Plantation Shower Gel, Spa Esprit’s food and beverage establishment, Ding Dong, will also offer two exclusive cocktails using Compendium’s Rojak gin and Chendol gin.

The Klepone cocktail consisted of Chendol Gin, Kaya, Pandan and Coconut Cream flavours, quite the sweet concoction. Meanwhile, the Rojak Fizz had a more zesty and refreshing taste due to the use of Rojak Gin, Chamomile Syrup, Lemon and Grapefruit.

Get your hands on the Gin and Detox Plantation Shower Gel at all Spa Esprit outlets and online on Beauty Emporium in early February 2020 for S$88.

And for a limited time only, receive a complimentary 250ml bottle of Compendium’s Rojak Gin with every purchase of the Gin and Detox shower gel. The Rojak Gin also goes for S$108 on Compendium’s website.

The Klepone and Rojak Fizz cocktails are priced at S$22 each and available at Ding Dong.

Price: Gin and Detox Plantation Shower Gel S$88; Rojak Gin S$108
Date: Early February 2020; Gin is currently available for sale  

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Beauty Emporium | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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