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| On 2 years ago

Daiso Japan Exclusive S$6 VR Goggles, Here’s How You Can Get A Piece Too

Daiso, our favourite S$2 store, has Virtual Reality (VR) goggles in their product range.

Yes, you read that right, Daiso Japan has produced a pair of VR goggles for ¥500 (approx. S$6).

Credit – Sora News 24

A pair of VR goggles for S$6? Technology really is getting more and more affordable as it becomes widely available.

Remember when VR goggles were first going mainstream in 2017? Fun fact: A very early concept of VR, coined the Sensorama was invented in 1957 by Morton Heilig. This invention was set to not only immerse 1 to 4 people in the illusion of 3D images but also included smell, vibrations, stereo sound and atmospheric effect as well, the full sensory experience.

In 1960, he patented a version of the Sensorama but both technologies did not materialise in his lifetime. The VR goggles are sadly only for sale in Japan and require a VR app to be used in conjunction with the goggles.

Credit – Sora News 24

The device has cushions surrounding the area where the user would view out of the goggles, ensuring comfort during usage. And sliders that allow the position of the lenses to be fine-tuned. There are also clamps that let stretch accordingly to any phone size.

Credit – eBay, motoit_81

Despite not being for sale in Singapore Daiso stores, the goggles have already been listed on eBay for USD $20 (approx. S$27). I would say these goggles are perfect for someone who wants to have a foray into VR but is not ready to break the bank yet.

Price: USD$ 20 (approx. S$27) on eBay

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