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LG Electronics To Unveil First Indoor Vegetable Cultivator To Grow Your Greens From Home

Every year, an international business-based technology conference, known as CES, is held for companies and businessmen all over the world to gather and witness the birth of novel and state-of-the-art tech products. This coming CES 2020, LG Electronics (LG) will unveil the first Indoor Vegetable Cultivator, a bold step into the upcoming indoor gardening trend.

Credit – LG Electronics Singapore

This new built-in column-type LG indoor gardening appliance will employ advanced light, temperature and water control, convenient all-in-one seed packages and a growth-monitoring app to help users cultivate nutrient-packed greens from the comfort of their own homes.

Credit – LG Electronics Singapore

Experience the novelty of having a green thumb with the simplicity of this innovation. Knowing exactly what goes into your food can be especially useful in an age where everyone’s getting a bit more health-conscious, and a bit more mindful of what they consume. In growing your own greens, you’ll also find yourself to be more self-sustaining, and less reliant on hitting the supermarkets.

Credit – LG Electronics Singapore

How this contraption works exactly is by replicating optimal outdoor conditions by precisely matching the temperature inside the insulated cabinet depending on the time of day. Seeds will also be expedited in their transformation with the help of LED lights, forced air circulation and wick-based water management. The advanced gardening system is capable of holding up to 24 all-in-one seed packages, enough for a family of four.

For those interested in witnessing the LG Indoor Vegetable Cultivator and other revolutionary innovations being unmasked, you can visit them at next year’s CES 2020, held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Date: 7 – 10 Jan 2020

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