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| On 2 years ago

This Tiny Handbag Costs S$258 But Even Airpods Wouldn’t Be Able To Fit

Credit – Jacquemus

We have all heard of extreme fashion statements, but does any beat a micro handbag? You might actually need your zoom for this. Taking fashion to the next level, French label Jacquemus has just released the tiny Le Chiquito handbag.

Credit – Jacquemus

Unlike its micro appearance, this bag is sold at a whopping S$258. Talk about tiny things packing a huge punch. Well, this bag is comprised of 100% calf leather, a luxury without a doubt. In terms of measurements, it comes in at just 8.5cm x 5cm, you could probably keep one Airpod and leave the other hanging.

This bag could not even fit the entire label name on it and is replaced by a little golden “J” emblem on the front.

Credit – Jacquemus

This accessory may be deemed as unpractical to many as nobody can imagine what can you put in it. Perhaps, this accessory is made to store your social status and pride, a collectable for the high rollers.

A new trend might be starting with this minute bag, I certainly won’t be surprised to see similar kinds of stuff in the future. Whether or not it is worth a fashion accessory for you to don, the decision lies entirely up to you.

Jacquemus: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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