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This LCD Mahjong System Makes Gaming Easy With Just A Simple Click

There have been some changes made to the way mahjong is played over the years. From the auto shuffling table to portable mini mahjong tiles, innovations have been made to the relatively noisy game to entice more people to play it at any given place or time.

The latest innovation, however, is quite ingenious. Who would have ever thought of LCD mahjong tiles? Certainly not me.

Credit – Huludao Shoushan Technology Co., Ltd.

This LCD mahjong system, where every single mahjong tile has its own LCD display, was produced in 2016 by China’s Huludao Shoushan Technology Co., Ltd.

Credit – Huludao Shoushan Technology Co., Ltd.

Each of these tiles can be connected via wi-fi and it is connected to the master control where someone will coordinate it. With just a simple press of the button, shuffling can be made virtually for every tile. Say goodbye to the obnoxious sound of tiles stacking and shuffling.

Credit – Huludao Shoushan Technology Co., Ltd.

Some may argue that the sound of the tiles is an essential part of mahjong, but perhaps, this digital system is useful at night if you do not want to wake up your neighbors with it.

Moreover, you can even play poker or other card games with this as the LCD display can be switched to poker cards instead of mahjong tiles.

Well, there might be conflicting thoughts about this LCD system as some might worry about the power and the sustainability of it all. I guess, maybe the traditional way gives us a fun factor that is unmatched in this digitalized world.

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