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| On 4 years ago

This Singaporean Company Has Created The Ultimate 2-In-1 Activewear Shorts

Credit – Kydra Official

Kydra (pronounced as kai-dra) is the brainchild of a group of university students who didn’t want to sacrifice style for functionality. The 2-In-1 Flex Shorts V2.0 are their marquee product and with good reason.

Credit – Kydra Official

The shorts feature built-in tights, ventilation panels at the crotch point that’s prone to tearing, and ballistic mesh pockets to withstand the harshest of regimes.

Extra hidden pockets, such as the secure card pocket and water-resistant media pocket allow you to store your belongings safely whilst not disrupting the intended aesthetic.

The team at Kydra have kindly sent me a pair of the Liner-Less Flex Shorts V2.0 to do a mini-review of the shorts and I have to say, I’m impressed.

The craftsmanship that was put into the shorts is nothing less than extraordinary. You can feel the quality in every aspect, from the fabric used to the sturdy pockets; everything was top notch.

Usually, with other shorts, the crotch point area always tends to feel slightly constraining, so the use of ventilation panels here was superb. The lack of strain in the crotch area was definitely a new feeling.

Most will also probably really appreciate the seemingly endless number of pockets. I also found that the locations of the pockets were not obtrusive and blended into the design seamlessly.

However, I did find a bit of issue with the width of the shorts. I understand the need for it to be slim so that it’s more fashionable but it was a tad bit too tight in the thigh areas.

Since I play football and cycle on the regular, I have larger thighs and the shorts were slightly tighter than what I expected. I don’t mind wearing them for more strenuous activities but in a casual aspect, it was a little uncomfortable.

But hey, if you’re one to skip leg days, you’ll be allll goood.

It’s marketed as a pair of shorts for any occasion, so you can even jump into the gym after an afternoon date without having to switch out.

— —

Functionality and practicality is a hard combination to get right. But I think the people at Kydra have cracked the code.

Price: S$78 (Free Shipping Within Singapore)

Kydra: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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