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| On 5 years ago

Is That All There Is?: The Substation Presents Radical Live Experiments That Questions Singapore’s Art Scene

As Singapore’s first independent contemporary arts centre, The Substation has always been dedicated to supporting diversity and promoting the “local voices” of the arts and cultural scene.

While so much has changed in the past 25 years, this multi-cultural arts space hasn’t, and they intend to do so now.

Through three chapters of a radical live experiment, “Is That All There Is?” proposes an alternate reality for The Sub over the course of six months. To reimagine the art centre’s familiar form, the program began with a takeover by arts collective Post-Museum in September 2016, followed by a playful shifting of spaces in November 2016.

Now, for the month of February 2017, they will be starting “Chapter III: The Co-op” which features a series of activities created by a co-operative. With free admission, attendees get to see firsthand, an art centre being run by a diversity of invited stakeholders and co-authors who will direct their own art programmes.

With aims to expose the general anxiety we have about art in Singapore, The Substation explores the inner workings of the arts community that has been fuelled not only by questions, but expectations and ambitions, as well.

If you’ve already checked out the previous two chapters, be sure to head on down to The Substation for the final one. Likewise, it’s not too late to start now if you haven’t.

For more information on the final installation, visit their website.

Address: The Substation, 45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936 | Event Date: 1 – 28 February 2017 | Website

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