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Instagram Lauches Instagram Reels To Compete With TikTok

The social media sphere is about to get more competitive and complicated. As we all know, Instagram and TikTok are dominating the scene right now. Heck, you might have just come from Instagram. Well, things are about to get interesting. To compete with TikTok and to keep us on our toes, Instagram has launched Instagram Reels.

Credit – Facebook

This new feature allows you to create an interactive 15-second clip and set it to music—sound familiar? You’ll be able to share these clips on your stories; and if your profile is public, you might be discovered on the Explore page and have your claim to stardom.

Credit – Facebook

Reels is currently being tested in France, Germany, and Brazil. Instagram will begin testing Reels in the US in just a few weeks. It’s a shrewd business move for Instagram, after all, remember what happened to Snapchat? All we have to do is wait and it will reach Singapore soon enough.

Gird your loins and prepare for another social media wave to wash over us. Maybe after this, we can finally get Instagram Music?

Fingers crossed!

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