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There’s A Secret Instagram Rainbow Around Your Story Ring + How To Get It

You’re probably here because you have questions about how to get that rainbow ring around your profile icon on Instagram—yes, the ones you’ve been seeing around your friends’ icons. Not to fret, for answers you will get.

Credit – Instagram

If you aren’t already familiar, Instagram has had a tradition of rolling out this fun little feature every June, when Pride month comes a-knocking. There are two ways you can get these rainbow rings.

1. Use a pride-related hashtag

Some examples of hashtags you can use are: #pride, #gay, #lesbian, #bisexual, #trans, #virtualpride, #lgbtq, #equality, #loveislove, #lovewins, #bornperfect, #equalitymatters, #accelerateacceptance, #pride2020.

Do let us know if you find anymore valid hashtags.

2. Use pride stickers

Credit – Screengrab from Instagram

In case you were still looking, here’s what Instagram’s pride stickers look like this year—we’re loving the inclusivity and representation in this one.

Use either of these methods to set your story ring aglow. Here’s to a colourful and love-filled pride month.

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