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Disney Avenue In M’sia Looks Just Like Disneyland’s Main Street- Serves Nasi Lemak Disney

It seems like modelling a resort to look like a French town isn’t the only surprise that Malaysia has. Did you know that our neighbour in the North also has an entire street that is modelled after Hong Kong Disneyland’s Main Street?

The best part- it is an actual street, not a theme park, so admission is free. Imitation is the best form of flattery it seems.

Credit – Bandar Agacia FB

Credit – Bandar Agacia FB

University Square is part of a development called Bandar Agacia by Agacialand and it is in Kampar, Perak. It is lined with pastel-coloured buildings that will be able to fool the average visitor into thinking that you are actually in Disneyland.

The colourful background that the buildings provide makes this the perfect place to shoot wedding and graduation photos which quite a few Malaysians have done, but no one is stopping you from taking normal photos just for the gram.

Credit – Instagram @fasihahmak & @farhanfoaad

But Disney Avenue isn’t solely a feast for the eyes. At Disney Avenue- yes they actually named it ‘Disney’, you can expect to run into some Disney-themed cafes and eateries.

Credit – Open Rice Malaysia

There’s a Beauty And The Beast Cafe (which also offers Shisha) and another that serves up Nasi Lemak Disney. The food doesn’t look that all that magical though.

Credit – Instagram @nadieratiera_ii & @faizal_sahari

While you are there, why not take it a step further and pretend that you are in Los Angeles? Bandar Agacia even has its own fake Hollywood Walk of Fame with stars and all.

Credit – Agacialand

When you think of Disneyland, the first image that comes to your mind is the iconic castle of Sleeping Beauty. Bandar Agacia may not have an exact replica of the castle you see at the start of your favourite Disney films, but they do have their very own castle. You know what they say – close enough.

Credit – Agacialand FB

Looking to stay for more than a day? You can book a room at Champs Elysees, a Parisian-themed hotel in the vicinity owned by Agacialand as well. The property is built based on French architecture and even features an infinity pool.

Would you come here instead of the actual Disneyland? Well, for me, part of Disneyland’s magic is the many attractions, rides, and mascots in the area that give it its unique experience. If you don’t mind the ‘chiong’ version of Disneyland and are dying to try some Disney nasi lemak, by all means, head on down to Perak!

I wonder if copyright issues have been cleared though?

Price: Free

Disney Avenue University Square At Bandar Agacia: 31900 Kampar, Perak, Malaysia | Tel: +60 16-555 3966 | Website

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