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| On 4 years ago

IndigNation 2017 – Unafraid To Assemble: What’s On The August Agenda This LGBTIQ+ Season In Singapore

In case y’all missed the memo, it’s Singapore’s Pride Season 2017. And, after 12 successful runs, IndigNation 2017: Unafraid To Assemble has a calendar chock-full of LGBTIQ+ happenings.

Having kicked off the first weekend with an opening party and a conference, the next few weekends of IndigNation 2017 have a lineup of international films, events and talks. Show your support for the community by attending poetry readings and book club discussions at various local cafes in Singapore.

The IndigNation Film Festival happens 18 to 20 August 2017, so I’d start booking tickets soon!

Front Cover 2015 (USA) directed by Ray Yeung

It will open with the American film, Front Cover, that explores issues of culture, class and sexuality through a Chinese-American protagonist, set against the backdrop of New York. A full programme of events can be found on IndigNation’s website as well as ticketing options.

The season closes with The Giving Table, a fundraising dinner for IndigNation cooked up and hosted by Drag Queens Becca D’Bus, Mona Kee Kee and Ashley Fifty at Artistry Cafe.

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In the midst of celebrating marriage equality as far as Malta, and as close by as Taiwan, anyone would think we’d be moving forward, instead of in the opposite direction. Yet 2017’s Pink Dot held a sombre tone, being forced within a security-barricaded area, and refusing entry to anyone who isn’t Singaporean or Singapore PR.

Despite restrictions, families of Singaporeans and PRs both straight and queer have proven time and again that there is growing support for the LGBTIQ+ Community and where I see IndigNation as a celebration, I also think of what the community has become, because of our allies.

If the “Gay Agenda” is advocating for increasing public awareness, and asking that the LGBTIQ+ Community is shown love and not hate, then I stand guilty of being part of it. This Pride Season, I hope more families come together, regardless of race, language, religion or sexuality.

Tell us in the comments which events you’re keen on, and we’ll be sure to catch you there!

Dates: Now till 28 August 2017

Price: Admission Prices Vary

IndigNation SG 2017 – Unafraid To Assemble: Website | Facebook

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